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In our long history, we’ve supported people involved in endeavors high above the ground, be it climbing mountains or trees, for work or leisure. Summit Financial Services ( was founded more than twenty years ago to address the distinct financial requirements of climbers and mountaineers.

As climbers and mountaineers sought insurance coverage for life, income, mortgage, and critical illness related to their professional activities, they relied on us for financial protection. These professions encompassed responsibilities like working at elevated levels, rope access assignments, and tree maintenance.

As a result, throughout time, we have developed specialised knowledge from assisting numerous people in finding financial protection for their high-risk occupations and high-risk recreational pursuits.

Therefore, if you work as a tree surgeon and are worried that an accident or worse could affect your capacity to pay your obligations at home, your mortgage, your credit card bills, or support a family, get in touch with us to talk about the financial protection options that are available to you.

Tree surgeon insurance

Whatever the nature of your work we will be happy to discuss your financial protection needs.

Due to our experience of working with tree surgeons and others who work at height we are happy to speak to you about your work in a hazardous occupation.

Our experienced team at Sports financial Services can discuss the options available to you for life insurance, income protection, mortgage protection and critical illness cover to help meet mortgage commitments, contribute to bills or provide for a family should an accident or worse happen.

Tree surgeon insurance company

We have built a strong understanding of the needs of those who work in extreme work environments and are happy to discuss the different aspects of your work in order to understand your needs and determine the various financial protection products that are available to you.

Even if you have existing cover in place for your work as a tree surgeon, it may be worth a quick conversation with Sports Financial Services to discuss your current protection and obtain a no-obligation quotation.

Also, different insurers come to the market over time and others may change their terms. This may mean that different terms are available in the market place now than when you first applied.

As mentioned above, we have also found that some people have a closely related recreational activities (e.g., rock climbing) to their occupational activities. If you enjoy hazardous recreational pursuit then you can also discuss the availability of cover for those activities as well.

Tree surgeon financial protection

You may want to discuss the availability of different types financial protection in relation to your life, recreation and occupation, e.g.,

  • Life Insurance for tree surgeons
  • Critical Illness Cover for tree surgeons
  • Income Protection for tree surgeons

Subject to the type of occupational and recreational activities that you pursue there may be loadings, restrictions or exclusions applied to certain types of financial protection. Tree surgery may be deemed riskier because of the various risks that may be faced during the course of work, for example:

  • Chainsaw use and maintenance
  • Chopping, pruning and trimming trees
  • Chipping machinery use
  • Climbing trees
  • Crown reduction, thinning, lifting
  • Dead wooding
  • Falling branches/falling trees
  • Falling timber
  • Felling trees and processing trees
  • Ground hazards
  • Manual handling and lifting
  • Setting up work positions on trees and safe anchor points
  • Stump grinding or tree stump removal
  • Tree ascent and descent
  • Tree climbing
  • Tree felling, removal and pruning
  • Tree stump removal
  • Tree surgery
  • Use of hand tools and small felling tools
  • Use of power tools and heavy machinery
  • Use of tree climbing equipment, ropes and hardware
  • Wood chipping machinery use and maintenance
  • Working at height

We collaborate with the entire market to secure coverage, free from constraints of a limited selection of financial protection products. This entails partnering with numerous insurance providers to pinpoint policies that align with your needs and activities involving higher risks, assessing what’s currently accessible in the market.

Tree surgeon insurance

As an extreme sport and extreme occupation specialist, we have developed a specific knowledge and experience in the market of tree surgeon insurance and other extreme occupations / sports.

Broadly, we specialise in three types of cover:

  • Life Insurance – typically a lump sum to pay off a mortgage, debts or provide a for a family in the event of death.
  • Critical Illness Cover – financial peace of mind in the event that you are diagnosed with a specific condition detailed in the policy.
  • Income Protection – if you are concerned that an accident or illness may prevent you from working for a period of time then an Income Protection policy maybe something to discuss with us.

Depending on the nature of your work as a tree surgeon (and any additional activities you disclose to us), certain types of insurance coverage may come with extra fees, limitations, or exclusions.

We have access to a wide range of financial products and services, rather than being limited to a specific set or company.

Moreover, should you lead a healthy lifestyle and participate in consistent fitness routines, you may wish to explore insurance plans that utilise apps on your smartphone or wearable devices to monitor your fitness. These policies offer incentives for maintaining good health and staying fit.

Tree surgeon insurance – Frequently Asked Questions:

When you enquire about cover for tree surgeons with Sports Financial Services, we will take into consideration a number of work and lifestyle factors.

A personal adviser will be allocated to your individual enquiry and will discuss with you the specific questions that relate to you, your work and your cover.

We are happy to discuss a range of common questions, such as:

  • Do I incur premium loadings because I work at heights?
  • Because I work as a tree surgeon are there any restrictions or exclusion to policies to the type of policies that are available to me?
  • Can I obtain Life Insurance because I work as a tree surgeon?
  • Is Critical Illness Cover available or Permanent Disability Cover available for my particular occupational activities?

What is the process of applying for Life Insurance, Income Protection or Critical Illness Cover?

If you enquire about financial protection such as tree surgeon life insurance, income protection or critical illness cover with us, we will discuss a number of details in relation to you, your occupation and your lifestyle.

As with any enquiry for this type of cover it is important that you declare information about your occupation, lifestyle, pre-existing medical conditions, hazardous activities and other questions completely.

This will assist us in guiding you through the journey of applying for cover:

  • A fact-find of your needs – discovering what you do and your particular needs
  • Researching providers of cover and the availability of cover for the type of tree surgery activities you pursue
  • Contacting and liaising with insurers
  • Discussing if there are any exclusions, loadings or restrictions for you as a result of the information you have disclosed (e.g., your health or working at height)
  • Discussing premium options, costs and payment terms.
  • If required, obtaining doctors reports or undertaking medical screening (for certain types or levels of cover)

In general, the availability of cover and premiums for cover are dependent on a range of factors such as personal health, family history, lifestyle, occupation and type of sporting activities pursued.

Deciding on the amount of cover that is right for you can involve many factors such as the need to cover bills, mortgage payments or a lumpsum for a partner or family should the worst happen.

In choosing the duration over which you would like cover you may want to consider your life stage and the need to meet obligations such as providing for a family, meeting bill obligations or paying off a mortgage.

How do I go about finding out more about tree surgeon insurance cover?

Enquiring about cover with us is quick and easy.

As with any enquiry for this type of cover it is important that you declare all relevant information such as your occupation, lifestyle, medical, hazardous activities and other questions completely.

Common questions could include (where applicable):

  • Your current health, medical history and any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Your age
  • Height
  • Weight (lbs, kg, body mass index)
  • Your lifestyle (smoking, alcohol consumption)
  • Sporting hobbies and activities
  • Current occupation and duties as a tree surgeon
  • Typical working heights / maximum heights worked
  • Hours per week spent working at height
  • Work involving dangerous machinery, equipment or chemicals
  • Office based vs field-based work
  • Membership, training and qualifications
  • Relevant licences, qualifications, certificates and experiences
  • Location of work (UK, Europe and/or worldwide)
  • Current income (for an enquiry for Income Protection)

In addition, as part of your enquiry, we will also discuss with you the duration of cover and amounts required, including:

  • Amount (£) of financial protection required
  • The duration of policy – number of years cover is required for
  • The type of policy you required – e.g., increasing, decreasing or level term cover

A combination of your activities, lifestyle, personal health, recreation, occupation and other factors, such as those detailed above, will assist in the determination the options that will be available to you and the associated premiums.

Can you still help me if I already have tree surgeon Insurance, Income Protection or Critical Illness policy in place?

Even if you have a policy in place elsewhere, we will still be happy to hear from you.

Even if this is only to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your cover and premiums are comparable with current market products.

In addition, for those who operate a Limited Company or operate at Director level then you may want to consider discussing the availability of different cover options with us such as Key Person Insurance or Relevant Life Cover.

Next steps: what can I expect when I make an enquiry about tree surgery insurance?

You can be assured that the team at Sports Financial Services take pride in providing those who enjoy hazardous pursuits with:

  • Your own specialist adviser to discuss your needs, your lifestyle, your personal circumstances, your sport and occupation and the options available to you
  • Experienced advisers in hazardous pursuits, extreme sports and hazardous occupations
  • Personal service and a quick response to your questions
  • A Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised company
  • An easy application process conducted around your life and at contact times that suit you

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of cover for tree surgeon life insurance cover or other hazardous pursuits or occupations then please call and speak to an experienced adviser today for a free, no-obligation quote, on 0345 565 0935.

As a hazardous, extreme and adventure sport specialist we exist to help those who enjoy adventurous pursuits and occupations to find cover that is suitable for their needs.

Tree surgeon insurance