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Aviation life insurance

Aviation life insurance

If you are someone who takes part in an extreme sport, hazardous hobby or has a high risk occupation, you may be interested in specialist financial services. One example we specialise in at Sports Financial Services is aviation life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection.

Why get specialist aviation life insurance?

When it comes to any activity that is high risk, the right financial protection is crucial in ensuring yourself, your family and your home is covered should anything happen to you. Often, life insurance for private pilots or anyone who regularly takes part in light aviation will require some additional underwriting for their aviation insurance. This is dependent on a number of variables, so speaking to a specialist like Sports Financial Services will help you get cover from insurers that work best for you.

The team at Sports Financial Services have the specialist knowledge and experience to help you find the right policy whilst ultimately saving you as much money as we can on premiums

Factors considered in an aviation life insurance application

As there is a considerably higher risk when taking part in an aviation activity, you can expect additional underwriting requirements for aviation life insurance. The general rule with most high risk hobbies is that cover is usually available at standard rates with no restrictions when you participate in the activity recreationally or infrequently. This rule applies to aviation too. When applying for private pilot/ light aviation life insurance, you will be required to disclose certain information such as:

  • Type of aircraft
  • License you hold
  • Hours of flying (per annum)
  • Countries you fly to or in

In most cases, life insurance for aviation will be underwritten and accepted without any additional terms or premiums- unless there is something that makes your activity more hazardous. One example of where life insurance may be more restrictive is for helicopter pilots as helicopters are seen as more dangerous than planes. Whether you have been accepted or even declined on special terms for aviation life insurance in the past, then you should contact one of our specialist advisors. We have helped a large number of people who participate in dangerous hobbies including private pilots in search of the right life insurance cover to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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Aviation critical illness cover

If you are a private pilot or individual who takes part in light aviation, you might be interested in knowing that critical illness cover for pilots is available on the mainstream insurance market and will often be offered with no exclusions and at standard rates. This is due to the fact that private pilots are not considered to be high risk when it comes to critical illness, although like anyone, will be assessed based on additional serious illness risks that relate to their medical history and family history of illnesses. Moreover, considerations such as age, amount of cover you require, policy term and smoker status will all be included as part of your application.

With most high risk hobbies and hazardous occupations, total and permanent disability may be excluded from critical illness cover for private pilots. To find out more about critical illness cover, a quote or just general advice, please get in touch with our team of aviation insurance specialists.

Aviation income protection

When it comes to income protection for private pilots it is possible and not as difficult as it is for commercial pilots to get cover as the risks are not specifically related to the job. Its important to note that there are potential underwriting issues with aviation income protection and the risk of restrictions being placed on cover. Therefore, we recommend speaking to an experienced advisor at Sports Financial Services who can help you identify the best insurance providers and the top levels of cover.