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Life insurance is an important part of financial protection, and for military professionals, it is an important cover to consider. Military work can be dangerous and carries inherent risks. Accidents and worse can happen when engaged in military work. Military life insurance could provide financial support for your loved ones should the worst happen. Appropriate cover could help your partner or family maintain some quality of life if you are no longer there to provide for them. Our team of hazardous sport and occupation specialists are ready to discuss your military life insurance needs today.

Military Life Insurance with Sports Financial Services

Military life insurance is specifically designed to provide financial protection for military members and their families. Given the inherent risks associated with military duties, cover can offer cover that helps you ensure that your loved ones have some level of financial security in the event of your death.

Life insurance policies for military work are tailored to accommodate the unique circumstances of military life providing peace of mind and financial stability to those who serve and their families.

There are a number of military-related questions we will discuss with you when you enquire about military life insurance. Some of the questions we may discuss, in relation to life insurance for military work, includes:

  • What branch of the military do you work in?
  • What type of military work do you undertake?
  • Do you work in dangerous locations (e.g., offshore, dangerous countries)?
  • Does your job involve work in certain dangerous occupations (e.g., bomb disposal, diving, aviation)?

Other factors that determine life insurance premiums for military workers will include:

  • Level of cover required (£’s)
  • Time policy is taken over (years)
  • Type of insurance policy

Speak to one of our hazardous sport and occupation specialists today to learn more about military life insurance, obtain a free quote, and take the first step towards protecting your financial future.

Participation in some military activities may result in premium loadings, restrictions or exclusions. When you make an enquiry your military life insurance adviser a specialist at Sports Financial Services will discuss your needs and the options available to you.

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