Parachuting life insurance

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Parachuting life insurance

Any sport or activity that involves some form of aviation or extreme heights such as parachuting is classed as high risk. This means that if you are looking for the right financial protection for parachuting life insurance, you would require additional underwriting due to the added risks involved with the activity.

Fortunately, in most cases, we find that applications for parachuting life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection are mostly offered at the same rate as standard with no exclusions although sometimes you can expect slightly increased premiums and exclusions in some cases.

Why parachuting life insurance is important

When you take part in a high risk hobby or hazardous occupation, it is important you consider financial protection for peace of mind. Whether the financial protection you need is life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection, it’s important to gather the information you need and consider all of your options. This is where Sports Financial Services come in. We will help you understand your options when it comes to financial protection to ensure that you get the right insurance to protect yourself, your home and your family should anything happen to you.

Factors considered in a parachuting life insurance application

Often, people who participate in parachuting will find they only jump a handful of times each year. Therefore, recreational parachuters will, in most cases, be accepted at standard rates. However, if you have a higher than average amount of jumps per year or are a professional for example you are a parachuting instructor, there may be premium loadings for this specialist parachuting life insurance. Here are some key considerations when underwriting parachuting insurance:

  • How many jumps per year on average
  • Where do you go to parachute
  • What type of parachuting do you do

Some other standard factors which would be taken in to account to determine the cost of your Parachuting cover:

  • How much cover you need (sum assured)
  • Length of your policy (years)
  • Which type of life insurance cover

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Parachuting critical illness cover

When it comes to parachuting critical illness cover, similarly to life insurance, where the number of jumps remain below a certain number there are often no exclusions and rates remain the same. However, at professional level or if you participate in a higher number of jumpers per year, you can expect to be faced with premium loadings or policy exclusions such as:

  • Any injury or health issues connected to parachuting
  • Total and permanent disability

Like with any critical illness cover, what you pay will depend on other standard criteria which includes your general health, other medical conditions and whether you smoke.

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Parachuting income protection

If you are looking for income protection for parachuting, Sports Financial Services can help with that. Again, income protection cover for parachuting can often be offered at standard rates if you participate in recreational parachuting. The more regular you partake in the activity, the more likely you are to find that premiums are slightly higher as well as the possibility of policy exclusions.

Parachuting life insurance

What are the risks of parachuting?

The risk of fatality from skydiving is said to be in the region of 1 person in every 100,000 dives. The main risks of this extreme sport tend to be caused by parachute malfunctions with around 1 in 1,000 parachute openings not going to plan. As well as the risk of parachute malfunction, there is also the risk upon landing which includes failing to lift legs when landing causing impact through ankles.

Do I need specialist insurance for parachuting?

Due to the high risks involved with the activity of parachuting, it is recommended that you have a protection policy in place to protect your home and loved ones should you suffer an injury, or worse that stops you from being able to support your family. Here at Sports FS, we specialise in life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection for extreme sports like parachuting. Our knowledge, experience and access to the market allows us to get you the right level of cover at the best rates.

What can I expect when I make an enquiry about cover for Parachuting life insurance?

At Sports Financial Services we pride ourselves on providing those who enjoy extreme and hazardous pursuits with your own specialist advise to discuss your needs, your lifestyle and your cover. All our advisors are experienced in hazardous pursuits, extreme sports, adventure sports and hazardous occupations. Where we will provide you with personal service and a quick response to your Parachuting life insurance.