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Skiing & Snowboarding Life Insurance Cover

Skiing insurance cover, critical illness cover and income protection

We are a team of top insurance specialists for people who take part in extreme sports and dangerous activities, including Skiing & Snowboarding life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. As with most activities where there is an element of danger, it is likely that your application for Skiing insurance cover and other types of personal protection cover will be subject to additional underwriting to assess the levels of risk involved. In most cases we see for this type of sporting activity there are often no issues in getting the cover as long as the level of risks are relatively low and there is no competition involvement.

For anyone taking part in an extreme or hazardous sport and looking for cover to protect themselves or their family, you should consider the risks relating to the sport that you do and your own activity. Skiing life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection cover are important due to the fact that there are certain risks of accident and injury involved in this type of activity.

Types of Skiing:

  • Recreational skiing
  • Indoor/dry slope
  • Off-piste
  • Ski touring/mountaineering
  • Racing (e.g. slalom, giant slalom and downhill)
  • Freestyle (e.g. park, halfpipe, moguls etc.)
  • Instructor/guide

Skiing insurance cover

As with most extreme or hazardous sports, Skiing life insurance will generally be offered at the same rates as someone who does not take part in extreme sports where the activity is recreational (e.g. holiday skiing, indoor/dry slope skiing). Some insurance providers will ask for details about this type of activity, however in most cases this can be ignored when applying for Skiing life insurance. Some of the main considerations when underwriters are assessing an application for this type of cover are:

  • How often you go skiing
  • Where do you ski (e.g. UK, Europe or worldwide)
  • Do you ski competitively or professionally
  • Is any of your skiing off-piste

The main other standard factors which would determine the premiums that you will pay for Skiing life insurance are:

  • Amount of cover required (£’s)
  • Term of your policy (years)
  • Type of cover (e.g. Level, Decreasing or Whole of Life)

Skiing critical illness cover

Most of the applications we have dealt with for Skiing critical illness cover have been processed very quickly and almost always offered at the same rate as someone who does not take part in extreme sports. If your activity is recreational and low risk then you should have no issues getting Skiing & Snowboarding critical illness cover.

For anyone who takes part in competitive Skiing or extreme activities, you may find that critical illness cover could be offered with a small increase in premium to reflect the additional risks. If you have any other health or medical issues then you may also find that your application could be subject to additional underwriting.

Skiing income protection

Similarly to critical illness cover, Skiing income protection can also often be offered at the point of application and at the same rates as someone who does not take part in any extreme sports. Most insurers will also want to know whether you have experienced any injuries in recent years as a result of your Skiing & Snowboarding activities to assess the risks.

You should consider Skiing & Snowboarding income protection to be an important part of any of your protection requirements due to the risks of accident and injury for this types of sports.

Skiing life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection

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