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At Sports FS, we specialise in offering life insurance coverage tailored to individuals engaged in high-risk professions and adventurous hobbies, such as pilots. The terms of life insurance can vary considerably depending on whether you are a commercial airline pilot or a private pilot. Additionally, helicopter pilots may encounter specific risk factors that make their life insurance needs more specialised. To gain a deeper understanding, get in touch with an expert here at Sports FS, to discuss your life insurance for pilots options and safeguard both yourself and your loved ones.

There are a number of key considerations pilots should consider when looking for Life insurance which will be based on several criteria that underwriters will assess from your application.

The main criteria for Life insurance for pilots includes:

  • Are you a commercial, private or helicopter pilot
  • Which type of aircraft do you fly
  • How often do you fly and to which locations
  • What pilots qualifications do you hold

In most cases if you are a pilot it can be quite simple to get life insurance depending on how frequently you fly and whether you are a commercial or private pilot. You may even find that you are able to get a Life insurance policy at the same rates as someone who does not have a high-risk occupation or hobby.

Some of the other key factors which will determine your premiums for Life insurance for pilots are:

  • How much cover you are looking for
  • What term of life insurance you need
  • Which type of life insurance cover want

You will also find that this type of Life insurance for this occupation will vary from one insurance provider to another which will be based on their attitudes to risk as well as their own underwriting criteria.

There are a number of potential underwriting outcomes when assessing an application for Life insurance for pilots which can include:

  • Standard rates
  • Increase in premiums
  • Benefit exclusions
  • Policy exclusions
  • Maximum sum assured or term

All applications for life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection will be assessed in the same way based on your answers to questions set on your paper based on online application forms. Some insurance providers will ask for different information to others, however generally the information required will be very similar.

Other considerations for Life insurance for pilots

There are also a number of other key lifestyle factors which will be taken in to consideration when assessing an application for Life insurance for pilots which are the same as any other life insurance application. Some of the usual standard lifestyle based criteria will be based on:

  • Are you a smoker or have you smoked in the past 12 months
  • How much alcohol do you drink in an average week
  • Have you ever been advised to reduce alcohol intake
  • What is your height and weight (Body Mass Index)
  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions

Most of the usual top insurance providers will accept an application for Life insurance for pilots off an application immediately unless you are applying for a large amount of cover or if you have disclosed something of concern of your application.

Generally as a pilot it is easier to obtain a Life insurance policy if you are a private pilot than if you are a commercial pilot as it tends to be far less frequent activities for private pilots. Obviously commercial pilots will be flying very regularly and you will be flying in aircraft that is higher risk.

If you are a helicopter pilot then you may find that your application could be subject to additional underwriting and you may be excluded for this type of activity. This is purely because Life insurance for helicopter pilots is considered to be higher risk than pilots who fly fixed wing aircraft based on statistical risk of accident.

If you need more help to find the most competitive premiums for Life insurance for pilots then you should contact one of our team of insurance experts today on 0345 565 0935 for more information.

Frequently asked questions about life insurance for pilots

Do I need private pilot life insurance?

Private pilots who have families, homes, or partners should think about getting life insurance or other forms of personal protection. A private pilot who faces higher dangers should undoubtedly think about some type of personal protection policy, as should the majority of people with non-hazardous hobbies.

Is private pilot life insurance different to commercial pilot life insurance?

The risks associated with a private pilots life insurance policy and a commercial pilots life insurance cover differ significantly. For obvious reasons, the equipment that will be used, the number of hours that a commercial pilot flies compared to a private pilot, and the level of training needed to become a commercial pilot are the three main differences.

Does Life Insurance cover pilots?

Yes, life insurance can cover pilots, but there are specific considerations and factors that may affect the coverage and premiums. It’s essential to understand the details. Your occupation as a pilot may lead to higher life insurance premiums because of the perceived risk. Insurance providers consider factors such as the type of aircraft you fly, your flight hours, experience, and safety records. Premiums may be more affordable for commercial airline pilots compared to private or recreational pilots.