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What would happen to your family finances or your ability to pay your bills if you had an accident whilst participating in a winter sport like snowboarding or whilst working as a snowboard instructor? 

At Sports Financial Services we are experts in providing financial protection for high-risk activities and extreme sports. 

We specialise in financial protection for hazardous sports and hazardous occupations, such as, snowboard instructor insurance, life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection cover. Each enquiry is discussed in relation to your individual needs and your sports consultant will discuss the options available to you based on your lifestyle, sport and occupation.  

Sports Financial Services can assist you if you’re looking for financial protection when it comes to snowboard instructor insurance so that you can snowboard and instruct with peace of mind. 

When you enquire, we’ll want to discuss many things such as your health, lifestyle and the type of snowboarding activities you pursue.

When applying for snowboard instructor insurance there are a number of other factors which need to be taken into consideration, in order for an underwriter to asses your application fully, for example:

  • What is your occupation or role in the snowboarding industry?
  • Do you work at altitude and, if so, what is your maximum altitude?
  • Which qualifications do you hold?
  • Where do you work geographically?
  • Do you have any medical or pre-existing health issues?

Depending on the underwriter, they may also be interested in the more detailed information about your type of snowboarding, for example:

  • Recreational snowboarding
  • Indoor/ dry scape snowboarding
  • Off piste snowboarding
  • Racing 
  • Freestyle
  • Snowboard instructor/ guide

Snowboard Instructor Critical Illness Cover 

Due to the nature of the sports, you pursue some applications may be subject to additional underwriting, exclusions, restrictions or a decline of cover.

Because Sports Financial Services specialise, they will be happy to chat about your individual circumstances, sports participation and lifestyle. 

The activities you engage in, your lifestyle and health all affect outcomes on the availability of cover along with any premium loading’s restrictions or exclusions.  Your personal sport and occupation adviser will discuss the options available to you. 

Snowboard Instructor Income Protection

You can also speak to us about the availability of income protection cover for snowboard instructors. Different financial protection suppliers come to market at different times and your personal sports adviser will be happy to discuss your personal circumstances and the current availability of cover and any restrictions or exclusions.

Snowboard Instructor Insurance, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection cover with Sports Financial Services

If you need assistance obtaining a competitive quote for snowboard instructor insurance, snowboarding life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection cover then contact one of our team of hazardous sports and hazardous occupation experts to find out more today. Your specialist adviser will be happy to discuss your questions and queries regarding snowboard instructor insurance and snowboarding insurance cover.

Alternatively, you can contact us by filling in our online form. 

Finally, as an additional service, we work closely with our parent company, Suttons Independent Financial Advisers. So, if you require any further information about other financial services such as pensions, investments, mortgages or financial planning please visit .