Mountain Biking Life Insurance 

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Mountain Biking Life Insurance

Whether you take part in mountain biking for fun, fitness or a challenge, Sports Financial Services are on hand to discuss mountain biking life insurance and other types of financial protection. There are a number of different insurance options available for those who take part in mountain biking and our specialist advisers can discuss these with you. In addition, if you take part in other cycling activities or other hazardous sports, we will be happy to discuss cover for all your needs. 

When you enquire with us about mountain biking life insurance, there are a number of factors that we will take into consideration during the enquiry process. Typical questions that relate to your enquiry include:  

  • Your current occupation
  • Your health and lifestyle (e.g., smoking and drinking)
  • Your height and weight (BMI)
  • Your mountain biking activities (and any other sports participated in)
  • The location of your mountain biking activity (UK and/or international)
  • Frequency of participation in mountain biking
  • Type of mountain biking participated in (e.g., cross country, downhill)
  • Any participation in mountain bike competitions 
  • Sport Governing Body membership
  • Any sponsorship you receive
  • Your income (for Income Protection cover)

We will also discuss questions relating to the amount of cover you require and the duration of the cover you would like, for example:

  • The amount of cover / protection you require (£)
  • The duration of the policy you require (number of years)
  • The type of policy required (e.g., decreasing or level) and any additional options (e.g., cover for broken bones) 

Information, such as that detailed above, will help determine the premium you have to pay for your cover and the availability of cover for your specific circustances.

Due to the risk profile of mountain biking certain exclusions or restrictions may apply to certain types of cover and your specialist adviser at Sports Financial Services will discuss the options available to you.

In general, for those looking for a lump sum to be paid following an accident or natural death then you may want to consider Life Insurance for mountain biking. If you are concerned that a mountain biking accident may affect your ability to work then an Income Protection policy for mountain biking may be something you want to discuss with us.

As sports specialists, we are happy to discuss cover for a range of active and hazardous sports. Whether you want to discuss cover for mountain biking or a range of other sports please call or email.
Examples of other cycling sports you may want to discuss with us include:

  • Adventure cycling
    Cycle commuting
    Cycle touring
    Cyclocross & cross-country cycling
    Cross country mountain biking
    Downhill mountain biking
    Endurance (Enduro) racing
    Mountain biking endurance events
    Mountain bike touring / mountain bike holidays
    Multiday cycling events
    Road cycling
    Road racing
    Time trials
    Track cycling
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Mountain biking critical illness cover and income protection

Sports Financial are specialists that guarantee the best value protection for your activities.
If you are a mountain biker concerned about protecting your income due to accident or ill health then call us or click the link on this page to enquire online and we’ll discuss the options available to you and your particular circumstances.

Different factors will be taken into consideration when enquiring about mountain biking cover, such as, pre-existing medical conditions or if you have previously suffered an injury as a result of your mountain biking activities.

There are a number of variables that can affect premiums for critical illness cover, so it’s crucial to speak with an advisor who is familiar with the market. Our advisors can search to get the best value protection based on your insurance needs because they have access to the whole market.

Speak to our specialist sports today for more for information about mountain biking life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection cover. We’ll discuss your needs, your lifestyle and your participation in mountain biking and other sports, like cycling insurance cover, we can help you acquire the best protection for you, your lifestyle and your family.