Equestrian Sports Insurance

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Equestrian Sports Insurance

Sports Financial is a top insurance specialist for people who take part in extreme or dangerous sports such as Equestrian life insurance which is renowned for being one of the higher risk sports or hobbies. Anyone taking part in horse riding events or activities will be assessed by underwriters based on what type of riding they do and how frequently they take part in this type of activity. People who ride horses frequently will be well aware of the potential dangers involved with this type of sport and should understand that there could be potential implications when it comes to assessing risk for life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection.

Anyone looking for Equestrian sports insurance to protect their family, homes or income should firstly make sure that they are speaking to the right people who are experienced enough to be able to give them the right advice. You may also have applied for specialist life insurance in the past and been told that it is either more expensive or even declined cover altogether in some cases which is where we can often help as we know which companies are more likely to offer better rates for you.

Risks of Horse riding:

  • Coming off your horse
  • Equipment failure
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Hazardous locations

Due to the fact that horse riding is such a common sport and that it is so accessible then it tends to be one that also attracts more attention due to the increased numbers of incidents in the UK. It is very rare that these incidents are fatal and therefore Equestrian insurance rates do not tend to be higher than normal life insurance rates.

Underwriting considerations for Equestrian life insurance:

  • How often you ride
  • Type of riding
  • Any competitive riding
  • Which animals you ride
  • Locations

For more information or help to get a competitive quote for Equestrian specific cover and horse rider insurance you should speak to one of our experts on 0345 565 0935.

Equestrian life insurance

Generally underwriting for Equestrian sports insurance is fairly simple and often rates will be the same as those for people who do not take part in an extreme sport. You should find that most insurance providers would at least consider offering cover so it may well simply be a case of finding out which insurance companies are cheapest or who have the best cover for you. There are certain circumstances which may cause concern for underwriters when assessing an application which can result in possible premiums increases in extreme cases.

There are several key points to consider when assessing an application for specialist sports life insurance which include:

  • How frequently you take part in horse riding activities
  • Which type of horse riding activities you do
  • What animals do you ride (e.g. size)
  • Do you take part in any competitions and to what level

As well as the specific criteria above there are a number of standard factors which would have an impact on your premiums which include:

  • Amount of cover (£’s)
  • Length of policy (years)
  • Type of cover

You will also need to disclose the usual information about your lifestyle such as do you smoke, your BMI and do you have any other medical or health issues which will also determine the premiums you will pay.

Equestrian sports insurance, critical illness cover and income protection

As with life insurance, there is also a strong possibility that you will be able to obtain a policy for critical illness cover or income protection if you take part in horse riding activities. Often Equestrian sports critical illness cover and income protection policies will also be offered at the same rates as for a standard insurance application so if you have struggled in the past then it is worth contacting one of our team of experts to see what we can do to help you. There are certain additional risk factors to take in to consideration, especially for Equestrian sports income protection due to the possibility that you could be seriously injured due to your sport or hobby.

There are a variety of possible outcomes when applying for Equestrian sports critical illness cover and income protection which include increased premiums if your perceived risk is higher or possible exclusions to your cover which can include taking part in horse riding. Underwriting for Equestrian sports critical illness cover and income protection can vary dramatically from one insurance provider to another so it is important that we approach the right one for you which is where our expertise comes in.

For more information or a no obligation quotation for Equestrian life insurance then you should contact one of our team of expert advisers on 0345 565 0935 today.

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What are the different types of equestrian sports insurance?

Sports FS provide three main types of equestrian sports insurance; life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. Life insurance is a financial protection you can have place that pays out a lump sum if you die. Critical illness on the other hand protects you financially should you fall ill with a critical illness and tends to include cancer, heart attacks and strokes. The other option you have is income protection which pays you a regular income if you can’t work due to a sickness or disability and continues until you either return to work or retire

Why choose a specialist for equestrian life insurance?

Although it is possible to get equestrian sports insurance with a general insurance provider, if you want the right level of cover at the best rates, it is best to use a specialist. A specialist insurance provider like Sports FS will have an up to date understanding of your sport. Get in touch to learn more