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Horse rider insurance, critical illness cover and income protection specialists

Sports Financial is a leading authority in sports life insurance, particularly catering to individuals engaged in hazardous or extreme activities like horse riding. If you’re a horse rider seeking life insurance, critical illness cover, or income protection to safeguard yourself, your family, or your home, our skilled advisers are here to assist you. Various factors can affect underwriters’ decisions when assessing applications for horse riding life insurance, making full disclosure of all relevant information is crucial. It’s advisable to consult with experienced professionals in this field to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Personal protection products such as life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection are designed to give you and your loved ones peace of mind whatever happens. Sports financial specialises in working with people who are exposed to additional risks due to the sports or hobbies that they have which can be classed as higher risk by insurance underwriters.

Horse riding and equestrian life insurance

Life insurance for people who ride horses or take part in any form of equestrian activity is usually available and generally will be offered at the insurers standard rates. Life insurance for horse riders and equestrian sports insurance rates will usually depend on several key factors to help underwriters assess your risk, such as:

– Type of horse you ride
– How often you ride horses
– Horse riding activity (e.g. Hacking, eventing, show jumping etc.)
– Level of horse riding (e.g. amateur, recreational or professional)

If you have recently or previously applied for horse riding life insurance and either been declined cover or accepted at special terms then you should speak to our experts. We specialise in helping people with hazardous hobbies such as people who ride horses to find life insurance to protect their family, home or business.

Horse rider insurance and equestrian critical illness cover

Critical illness cover for horse riders is generally available at insurers standard rates and usually fairly straight forward to apply for with very little additional requirements. Horse riding and equestrian critical illness cover is underwritten in much the same way as life insurance and therefore similar questions will be asked about what type of riding you do and what level you ride to.

As with other hazardous hobbies and extreme sports, horse riding or equestrian critical illness cover can include an exclusion for total permanent disability (TPD). This exclusion will only usually apply with horse riding critical illness cover where the riding is more frequent or for competitive riding (e.g. eventing, racing or show jumping). You should not consider this as a barrier to getting cover as this is only a very small element to any horse riding or equestrian critical illness policy. There is also a chance that some insurance providers will exclude TPD where as other providers would offer critical illness cover including TPD so it’s worth shopping around and speaking to one of our experts.

For more information about horse riding and equestrian critical illness cover contact our team of expert advisers.

Horse rider insurance equestrian income protection

Cover for horse riders wanting income protection is also generally readily available and often with no restrictions, exclusions or premium loadings. Underwriting for horse riding and equestrian income protection will also depend on your accident / injury history as well as any previous musculoskeletal issues. This will determine whether there are any specific types of income protection policies that are not available to you.

As with most of these types of sports or hobbies, there is a fairly strong possibility that you may have been involved in some form of accident in the past which can potentially have caused longer term problems. Horse riding income protection underwriting will usually take this in to account to determine which levels of cover are available to you.

If you have applied to horse riding or equestrian income protection in the past and experienced problems then you should speak to our team of expert advisers who will be able to help. It is important with hazardous sports such as horse riding to consider income protection due to the increased risks of injury from accidents.

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Frequently asked questions:

Does life insurance cover horse riding?

Whether life insurance covers horse riding depends on the specific policy and insurer. Some life insurance policies may include exclusions for high-risk activities like horseback riding, while others may offer coverage with certain conditions or additional premiums. It’s essential to review the terms of your life insurance policy and consult with your insurer to understand what activities are covered .

What type of cover is most important for horse riders?

All types of insurance or personal protection are important so you should at least consider each of them based on what they cover against what is important to you. Increased risk of accident or injury means that certain types of cover such as horse riding income protection may be more appropriate for you. Obviously these should be considered based on:

  • Attitude to risk
  • Key priorities
  • Affordability

You can always mix and match different types of cover to fit with your budget and to ensure that you get some cover rather than none.

Which insurance providers are better for horse riders?

This can depend purely on when you are applying for cover as underwriting for horse riding life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection can and does change regularly. Some insurance providers may have been good in the past at offering what you are looking for at a good price but this may have changed over time.

If you need more information about horse riding and equestrian life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection then you should contact one of our team of experts. We have years of experience in dealing with people who are exposed to additional risks due to their hobby or sport.