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Sailor insurance, critical illness cover and income protection

Sports Financial is an insurance specialist for people who take part in extreme sports or hazardous activities such as for Sailing life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. Most extreme sports and hazardous hobbies will require some additional underwriting for personal protection to make sure that the correct decision is applied. Sailor insurance, critical illness cover and income protection rates can vary depending on the type of sailing that you do and which insurance provider you are applying to. One of the most important factors to consider is that insurance underwriting criteria will vary for extreme sports such as Sailing for life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection, so it is important to apply to the right company for you.

Our team of sports insurance experts has years of experience in dealing with all types of dangerous or hazardous sporting activities. We have helped a large number of people to get the cover that they need to protect their loved ones and their homes with their sports and hobbies.

Types of sailing & yachting:

  • Cruising
  • Disabled sailing
  • Offshore and oceanic sailing
  • Team racing
  • Match racing
  • Fleet racing

Sailor insurance

As with other dangerous sports, Sailing life insurance rates will vary depending on the level of risks relating to you and your activities. Sailing is considered to be a dangerous activity when it comes to underwriting life insurance due to the risks involved and the levels of accidental death in sailing. Underwriters will ask for some key information when assessing Sailing life insurance to understand how hazardous your activities are to apply the most appropriate decision to your application. Some of the main considerations for underwriting Sailing life insurance are:

  • How often do you go sailing
  • What type of sailing you take part in (e.g. inshore, offshore, racing etc.)
  • Which type of boat do you use
  • Where you go sailing

There are some usual factors which will also determine the premiums that you will pay for Sailing life insurance:

  • Level of cover required (sum assured)
  • Term of your policy (years)
  • Type of life insurance policy

For more information about Sailing life insurance you should contact one of our team of experts to get a quote for the cover you need to protect your family.

Sailing critical illness cover

In most cases we see for Sailing critical illness cover there are no real issues in getting cover, especially for people who take part in recreational sailing (cruising) and in-shore sailing. You should be able to get Sailing critical illness cover without needing to provide too much information about your activities unless you take part in racing events or if you sail more regularly for example.

It may be possible that your offer of Sailing critical illness cover could include an increase in your premiums if you sail competitively or professionally and if you sail in dangerous locations. It is rare for there to be any exclusions for Sailing critical illness cover so you should find that your policy is a comprehensive cover.

Sailing income protection

As with critical illness cover for this type of activity, Sailing income protection policies are often offered with no loadings or can incur small premium loadings in cases where the activates are more regular or for competitive sailing. If your profession is sailing then you may find that income protection will be offered with either a small loading or some possible occupational exclusions.

For most Sailing income protection applications, underwriters will want to know whether you have been involved in any recent accidents which has caused you to have time off work. If you have had time off work due to your sailing activities then you may also find that your premiums can increase to reflect the increased risk.

Sailor insurance, critical illness cover and income protection

For free advice or a quote for Sailor insurance, critical illness cover and income protection then you should contact one of our team of experts for more information.

For more information about sailing and yachting contact the Royal Yachting Association:

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Why is sailing classed as high risk?

Some people may be surprised to find out that sailing is classified as high risk. In fact, statistics show that sailors experience fatalities at a significantly higher rate than that of those who participate in sports known for high speeds, falls and collisions. This is because the risk of falling overboard, high winds, operator inattention and unpredictable weather conditions are high in sailing.

Do I need specialist insurance for sailing?

If you are someone who regularly participates in sailing, it is recommended that you get specialist life cover. This is to ensure that your sailing activities are covered so that in the event of an accident, injury or worse, you, your loved ones and assets are financially protected.

What can I expect when I make an enquiry about cover for sailor insurance, income protection and critical illness cover?

When enquiring with Sports FS you will be provided with specialist advice to discuss your needs, your lifestyle and your cover. All our advisors are experienced in hazardous pursuits, extreme sports, adventure sports and hazardous occupations. Where we will provide you with personal service and a quick response to all your enquiries regarding sailor insurance.