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Did you know your enjoyment of running could lead to improved life insurance premium rates and activate points-based rewards to keep you on track?

Your specialist sports advisers at Sports Financial services will be happy to explain how you can track your fitness to access better life insurance rates and received a range of rewards to keep you incentivised. 

Tracking your fitness is quick and easy and simply involves monitoring your running participation via a wearable fitness tracker.

Life insurance for runners – better premiums & incentives for keeping on track

At Sports Financial Services we have access to the whole of the insurance market and guarantee the best value protection for your running activities.

If you run regularly and track your activity you could enjoy better premium rates and also have access to a range of points-based rewards to keep you on track. 

Examples of some of the current points-based rewards available for living a healthy lifestyle include:

  • Discounted fitness devices e.g., Apple Watch, Fit Bit, Garmin
  • Amazon Prime membership
  • Free drinks at Cafe Nero 
  • Free Cinema tickets
  • Discounted spa stays
  • Discounted gym memberships

In order to gain an understanding of your needs our specialist sports advisers will be happy to discuss your running activities, your participation in other sports, your work and your lifestyle. 

Based on this understanding your adviser will then discuss the fitness-based life insurance premium options available to you and the latest list of points-based incentives available to keep you on track. 

Your enquiry about cover for runners

When you enquire about life insurance cover we’ll ask about your running and other lifestyle questions. As sports specialists, we understand that your participation in running may be a means to gain fitness to perform better in another sport. If this is the case, we’ll be happy to discuss the other sport(s) you participate in order to ensure you have the financial protection in place to cover all your needs.

Life insurance & mortgage protection for runners

As specialists in the field of insurance for sports, we aim to guarantee the best value protection for your running activities. Typically, life and mortgage protection insurance for runners should be available at normal terms with most insurers.

As with all life insurance policies there may be loadings or exclusions that can arise for a number of reasons, for example, pre-existing medical conditions, participation in dangerous occupations or travel to certain dangerous geographical locations.

Critical illness cover for runners

As well as specialising in life insurance for runners, we also offer critical illness cover. This too is generally available at standard terms. Critical illness cover is a policy that typically pays out a lump sum, should you be diagnosed with a medical condition specified in your insurers terms of cover (e.g., cancer, heart attack or stroke).

Critical illness cover for runners is also generally available at standard terms. Again, insurers will be interested in your general health and medical history in order to assess your critical illness cover application.

Income protection for runners

We also provide specialist income protection cover for runners. This is a type of insurance policy that pays benefits (typically a monthly benefit) to policyholders who become incapacitated and unable to work due to an accident or injury.

Speak to Sports Financial Services today about life insurance, mortgage protection, income protection and critical illness cover for runners.

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Life insurance for runners FAQs

Which policy is best for me?

At Sports Financial Services we specialise in four key areas of financial protection. These are life insurance, mortgage protection, critical illness cover and income protection cover. When you enquire with us a specialist sports adviser will speak to you on an individual basis to understand your health, lifestyle, occupation and sports participation.

Following this discussion your adviser will then design cover around your needs. If you enjoy other sports, in addition to running, your dedicated adviser will be happy to discuss the availability of cover for those sports as well.

Because our team of advisers focuses on sports, they have an in-depth knowledge of the options available for people who pursue active sports, hazardous pursuits and hazardous occupations. 

About Sports Financial Services

Sports Financial Services specialises in financial protection for sports. We have access to the whole market of insurance providers and guarantee the best value protection for your activities.

As sports specialists we are happy to discuss your personal needs and outline the options available to you to ensure you get the right cover for your running activities at the best rates.

Enquire online or contact us today to learn more.