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Snowboarding life insurance

If you are someone who takes part in winter sports like snowboarding, you may be interested in financial protection. Sports Financial Services are specialists when it comes to insurance for extreme sports and high risk hobbies, therefore we can provide you with the right level of cover for snowboarding life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. In most cases when it comes to snowboarding, there is normally no issues in getting the right cover as long as the risk level remains low and no competitions are involved. 

If you want financial protection for peace of mind knowing that you, your home and your family are covered when you participate in snowboarding activities Sports Financial Services can help. We can provide you with insurance for the following:

  • Recreational snowboarding
  • Indoor/ dry scape snowboarding
  • Off piste snowboarding
  • Racing 
  • Freestyle
  • Snowboard instructor/ guide

Process of snowboarding life insurance application

We often find that snowboarding life insurance is offered at the same rates as normal life insurance (for those who do not recreationally take part in extreme sports). Despite this, some insurance providers will want to know more about your snowboarding activity such as:

  • How often you snowboard
  • Where do you snowboard 
  • Do you snowboard competitively or professionally
  • Is any of your snowboarding off-piste
  • Amount of cover required
  • Term of policy
  • Type of cover

Snowboarding critical illness cover

Most of the time snowboarding critical illness cover applications are processed quickly and almost always offered at the same rate as someone who doesn’t participate in the sport. However, if you are someone who snowboards competitively, you may find a small increase in premium that reflects the additional risks associated with competitive snowboarding. Also, if you have any health or medical issues you could find your application being subject to additional underwriting.

Snowboarding income protection

The same rule of thumb applies to income protection as it does for critical illness cover. Therefore if you only take part in snowboarding recreationally, you can expect the same rates as someone who does not participate in the activity or any other extreme sports.

Snowboarding life insurance quote

If you are interested in a specialist snowboarding life insurance quote free of charge, you have come to the right place. Contact Sports Financial Services today and chat with one of our expert advisors for financial peace of mind and protection.

snowboarding life insurance