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Like most extreme and hazardous sports, skiing life insurance should be considered if you take part in the skiing. Whatever type of skiing you participate in (e.g., piste, Alpine, cross country or ski-mountaineering) speak to a specialist at Sports Financial Services to discuss your needs. Depending on your level of participation it is always important to consider the kind of danger and risks involved with skiing activity and the challenging environments in which you operate. 

When enquiring about skiing life insurance there will be a number of details you will need to discuss with your personal adviser. Some of the main items you will need to disclose in this process of enquiring about skiing insurance cover are: 

  • How often you participate in skiing activities 
  • Where in the world do you ski (e.g. Europe or worldwide)
  • Do you ski competitively or recreationally 
  • Do you ski off-piste

There are additional factors which determine the premiums you pay for skiing life insurance such as the amount of cover required, term of your policy and the type of cover.

Skiing Critical Illness Cover 

If you take part in skiing recreationally then you may want to discuss the availability of critical illness cover. If you take part in skiing competitively or under extreme circumstances, you might find that cover is offered at different rates or is not available. Your adviser will discuss this with you.

If you have any current health or medical issues, your application may be subject to additional underwriting. 

Skiing Income Protection 

Many insurers will want to know if you have experienced any injuries in recent years, which arose as a result of your skiing activities. 

It is always important to consider skiing income protection due to the number of risks and injuries that come with this type of sport, especially if you have important financial commitments, as you need to consider what would happen if you were unable to meet these payments. 

Why choose Sports Financial Services skiing life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection

Here at Sports Financial Services we are a team of insurance specialists with many years of experience working with those who pursue hazardous sports and occupations. We know how important it is to find skiing life insurance at the right price. 

We are a team of top insurance specialists for people who take part in extreme sports and occupations, including skiing life insurance. Get in touch with us today for free advice or a quote for skiing life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. 

We are sports specialists and your personal adviser is here to help.