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Motorcycle speedway, like many hazardous sports, comes with its own risks and hazards. Sports Financial Services has many years of experience in providing life insurance for many motorsports and motor cycling sports, such as speedway riding. 

It is important to consider that riskier sports such as motorcycle speedway riding may require additional underwriting. When you enquire with us your personal sports specialists will seek to understand you, your lifestyle and your sports participation in order to understand your needs. Your adviser will then be able to discuss the financial protection options available to you as a speedway rider.

If you are concerned that your speedway riding might end up in an accident that might leave you unable to work, then income protection may be something you want to discuss with us. 

If you are concerned about your ability to pay your bills, meet mortgage payments, provide for a family or support yourself financially in the event of an accident then speak to Sports Financial Services about the options available to you for your sport and lifestyle. 

When you enquire about cover with us, we will discuss a number of factors relating to your speedway motorcycle racing and your lifestyle. Your personal sports adviser will also discuss a range of questions relating to you and your motorcycling and your sporting interests. 

Examples of typical questions your adviser may discuss, include: 

  • Your occupation?
  • Your speedway racing and any other motorcycle racing?
  • Where you participate in motorcycle racing (e.g., road, track, cross country, grass, circuit)?
  • Type of bike you race?
  • Size of bike engine / engine capacity (cc)? 
  • Frequency of participation in motorcycle racing?
  • Type of participation level (recreation, amateur or professional)?
  • Motorcycle racing overseas?
  • Your income (for Income Protection)?

Life insurance for Speedway Riders with Sports Financial Services

As sports specialists we have a deep understanding of financial protection for hazardous and extreme sports such as speedway riding. We are always on hand to help with any enquiries regarding life insurance and income protection for speedway riders, 

From an underwriting viewpoint motorcycle racing is often associated with additional risks. However, we have obtained cover for motorcycle racing in the past and will be happy to discuss your individual needs. An assessment of the premium to be paid for motorcycle racing protection will be based on the level of risk involved in your sport and your personal adviser at Sports Financial Services will discuss the cover available to you.

As sports specialists we are happy to discuss the availability of cover for many motorcycling sports and many types of motorcycling activities, for example:

  • Adventure Motorcycling
  • Beach Racing
  • Cross Country
  • Enduro Racing / Endurance Riding
  • Grass track
  • Hill climbs
  • Motocross Rider Insurance
  • Motorcycle enduro racing
  • Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP)
  • Motorcycle circuit racing
  • Life Insurance for Motorcycle road racing
  • Motorcycle track racing
  • Motorcycle Road Racing
  • Scrambles
  • Speedway
  • Supercross
  • Super Bike racing
  • Supermoto
  • Time trials
  • Track days
  • Trials 

Whatever your sporting interests we’d love to hear from you to discuss financial protection for your life, your family and your participation in sport. 

Please feel free to contact to us today to discuss your financial protection requirements and your sport. Even if you have an existing policy in place, that you have taken out elsewhere, please contact us for a no-obligation quote to check how our life insurance for speedway riders cover and premiums compare.