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What is Motocross?

Motocross is a type of off-road motorcycle racing where you will find motorcyclists riding over different kinds of terrains on off-road circuits. Motocross courses are around one to three miles long and participants will have to deal with the challenge of other riders and the racing conditions along the way. This is what makes motocross such a demanding sport, as no two courses are alike.

Do I need motocross rider insurance?

If you are looking to meet bill payments, meet monthly mortgage commitments or provide for a family in the event of an accident then you may want to consider various options for financial protection. Sports insurance experts at Sports Financial Services will be happy to discuss your motocross rider insurance needs. They offer a number of different financial protection options including life insurance and income protection for motocross riders.

Even if you have a policy in place elsewhere for motocross, we will still be happy to hear from you, even if only to provide you with peace of mind that your cover and premiums are comparable with current market products.

How does Motocross rider insurance work?

No matter how cautious you are and how many precautions you take when motocross riding, accidents do still happen. In the case that an injury or accident happens, it is reassuring to know that you and your loved ones have some level of financial protection. Having cover such as motocross life insurance or income protection cover could provide you with some financial peace of mind. 

The risks inherent in motorcycle racing can result in the sport being rated as a hazardous sport by some underwriters. This has traditionally meant that motorcycle racers have had to pay more for their life insurance and receive restrictions or loadings for illness cover. At Sports Financial Services we will seek to understand you and your motocross participation and discuss the financial protection options available to you.

What impacts a Motocross rider insurance policy?

As with any application for financial services, it is important that you declare your work, lifestyle, medical and other questions completely.

There are a number of different factors that your adviser at Sports Financial Services will want to discuss in relation to motocross rider insurance. Some factors will relate to you individually and some relate to your particular participation in motocross racing.

Some typical questions, that individually relate to your enquiry for cover, may include:

– Your current health & lifestyle (e.g., smoking or alcohol consumption) 
– Your body mass index (your height and weight) 
– Your age
– Any pre-existing health conditions
– Your current occupation
– Your current income (if applying for income protection cover)

Some typical motocross related questions we may ask:

– Do you compete recreationally or professionally in motocross?
– How frequently do you take part in motocross events? 
– What kind of motorcycle do you ride? 
– Do you participate in other types of motorcycle racing?
– Where do you motocross race?
– What is the size of bike engine / engine capacity (cc)?
– Are you a member of the sport’s governing body (e.g., Amateur Motor Cycle Association – AMCA, Auto Cycle Union – ACU)?
– What are the geographical location of your racing activities (UK and/or international)?

Where can I get Motocross rider insurance?

Here at Sports Financial Services, we have experience in helping people who enjoy extreme and hazardous sports. Our specialism is life insurance, mortgage protection, critical illness cover and income protection. It is important to use an insurance specialist like Sports Financial Services, to ensure that you are getting the right cover that suits your needs. We are specialists that guarantee the best value protection for your activities. 

Whether you are a member of the Amateur Motor Cycle Association (AMCA) or Auto Cycle Union (ACU) or similar organisation we will be happy to hear from you and discuss cover for motocross, track, road, enduro, cross country and many other types of motorcycle sports.

Please feel free to get in touch with us today about motocross rider insurance, alternatively, you can call us on 0345 565 0935.