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Technical diving is a form of scuba diving that allows you to exceed the agency – specified limits of the average dive, allowing you to dive for longer and reach cavernous depths. Any form of scuba diving is challenging, but technical diving is a whole different level, exposing the diver to more risks that go beyond those associated with standard diving. These risks increase the likelihood of severe injury and even death, if you participate in this activity, you may be interested in technical diving insurance.


Whether you participate in technical diving for leisure or pleasure, speak to us at Sports Financial services about technical diving life insurance, income protection or critical illness cover. Sports Financial Services specialises in offering financial protection to those who take part in hazardous sports, such as technical diving. Due to technical diving demanding a certain level of technical skill and being undertaken in challenging environments, technical diving insurance can often require a more specialist type of cover. 

Sports Financial Services Technical Diving Insurance

Here at sports financial services we aim to provide you with the best cover available for technical diving, this means the right level of cover at the lowest rates. We are a team of specialists with many years of experience  working with those who pursue hazardous sports and occupations. Benefits of insurance services include:

  • Saves you time and confusion
  • The right level of cover at the best rates
  • Specialist cover designed for your sport
  • You own personal insurance advisor
  • Financial peace of mind

Technical diving life insurance 

Technical diving life insurance cover can vary depending on your insurance provider as well as your level of participation. Due to technical diving being classed as high risk, you may not receive standard rates for your life insurance. Life insurance providers will discuss different factors about your participation in the sport when trying to provide you with technical diving insurance. 

Critical illness cover for technical diving 

With a hazardous sport such as technical diving, due to there being more danger you may find that there are restrictions for technical diving critical illness cover, or that premium loadings may be applied. 

Critical illness is a great way to have peace of mind and to protect your loved ones, this is a way to cover specific illnesses or medical conditions that might disrupt any aspects of your life. 

Income protection for technical diving 

Income protection has a more restricting underwriting criteria, meaning that some limitations may be imposed. Applications for income protection are dependent on many factors, one being whether you have suffered from injuries due to technical diving previously before. 

Income protection is important to consider if you have a loan, mortgage, credits cards, regular bills or family financial commitments. As you may want to consider what might happen if you were unable to meet those payments because of a loss of income if you came unable to work. 

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Whatever drives your interest in technical diving – the adrenaline driven challenge, the adventure or the exercise – we are here to discuss your protection needs. We know how important it is to find the right insurance, talk to one of our specialist technical diving insurance experts today.