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Sports Financial is a top insurance specialist for people who are classed as high risk by insurance providers because of the sport that they do and especially for those who take part in climbing such as Solo Climbing Life Insurance. There are a number of reasons why any climbing or mountain sports are classed as dangerous or hazardous when it comes to underwriting so you will need to make sure that you disclose the right information about you on your enquiry as well as apply to the right insurance companies. This is where our team of highly skilled Solo Climbing Life Insurance experts will help you to steer you towards the best insurance providers as well as help you to avoid wasting valuable time. We aim to take the hassle and pain out of applying for any high risk or non-standard life insurance including Solo Climbing Life Insurance.

In this section of our website, we look at how your enquiry for Solo Climbing Life Insurance will be assessed by underwriters so that you know what to expect when you make your application. You should also consider what you want to cover for, whether you need Solo Climbing Life Insurance to protect your family or your home or both.

Some of the top elements to be taken into consideration by underwriters when applying for Solo Climbing Life Insurance are:

  • How often do you take part in solo climbing activities
  • What level of difficulty or severity do you climb to
  • Do you take part in any competitive solo climbing
  • Have you got any climbing qualifications

There will be a number of points that will be taken into consideration when asked about whether you take part in extreme sports on your application form. Underwriters will consider how much of a risk you will be due to the type of activities that you do and whether you are more likely to claim as a result of your sport.

Your premiums for Solo Climbing Life Insurance will also be based on the same standard factors as any other application or quote for life insurance. You will be asked questions about what you need your cover for (e.g. family or mortgage) and whether you need your cover to protect certain other elements.

Your standard premium will be based on the following:

  • What sum assured are you looking for and what is the cover for
  • How long or what period are you taking cover for
  • Which type of life insurance policy or cover do you need

This should give you a base or standard premium which you can then decide on whether the cover will be affordable for you or not and what is most important. When considering whether your cover is within your budget you should ensure that you consider the full picture including whether you are able to pay more for cover than you initially wanted to pay.

Some of the other factors which would be taken into consideration will be based on your lifestyle which will be based on the answers that you give on your application form, which includes:

  • Do you smoke or have you used any nicotine products in the past 12 months
  • How tall are you and what do you weigh (body mass index)
  • Do you drink alcohol and how much do you consume on average per week
  • Have you been diagnosed with a medical condition
  • Is your job dangerous or hazardous

When you have answered all of the questions on your application form with one of our expert insurance advisers we will then be able to tell you what your Solo Climbing Life Insurance premium will be. You should be aware that premiums can change up to your final offer of cover however we will aim to make sure that we keep your cover affordable for you.

For more information about Solo Climbing Life Insurance or for a competitive quote to protect your family then you should contact one of our team of expert advisers on 0345 565 0935 today.