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Whether it is the call of the Karakorum or ascents in the European Alps, or similar mountainous challenges, then speak to Sports Financial Services about mountaineering insurance cover. We provide specialist life insurance, mortgage protection, income protection and critical illness cover. 

We understand mountaineering since we were originally founded as Summit Financial Services, over 20 years ago, to provide cover for climbers and mountaineers. As climbers enquired with us about cover for many other outdoor sports (e.g. canoeing, skiing, skydiving and cycling), we developed Sports Financial Services to meet the needs of a wide variety of other active outdoor sports participants. 

Why do I need mountaineering insurance cover?

If you are a new mountaineer getting to grips with new skills (like crevasse rescue), a seasoned mountaineer adding to your tick list, or a professional mountain guide/instructor looking for the right level of financial protection then please give us a call to discuss your needs.   

The reason you might need mountaineering insurance cover is because the nature of the activity demands a certain level of technical skill. What’s more, mountaineering is undertaken in environmentally challenging and geographically remote environments. This means it can often require more specialist types of cover. If you would like to discuss the right life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection cover for mountaineering you have come to the right place.

What is mountaineering insurance cover?

The underwriting of mountaineering life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover can vary depending on your insurance provider as well as your level of participation in your sports / activities. For this reason, specialist sports financial advice can be beneficial in obtaining the right cover for you, your circumstances and all aspects of your chosen sport and lifestyle. 


Often, when looking for specialist insurance for extreme sports like mountaineering you may come across additional requirements in order for underwriters to fully understand your activities. Some extreme sports life insurance may cost more due to these additional requirements. 


Our 20-year history of helping outdoor sports people means that we understand mountain sports. We know exactly what questions to ask to ensure we get the cover you need. Here are some areas that insurers might consider when assessing your enquiry for mountaineering cover:

  • How is your health, family history and lifestyle (e.g., smoking / alcohol consumption)? 
  • What is your current occupation and does your work take you on international travel?
  • What type of mountaineering activities do you pursue (e.g., rock climbing, mixed climbing, ice climbing, ski mountaineering?)
  • How long have you been participating in mountaineering?
  • What is your mountaineering climbing grade (e.g., Scottish Winter, UIAA)?
  • Do you have any mountaineering qualifications?
  • What is the maximum altitude you ascend to participate in mountaineering?
  • Are you a member of the Sport’s Governing Body? (e.g., British Mountaineering Council or Mountaineering Scotland  or Mountaineering Ireland)
  • Do you have any pre-existing medical or health conditions?
  • How often do you engage in mountaineering?
  • What geographic locations do you travel to participate in mountaineering – UK, Europe or Worldwide destinations?

Such questions will help us find the facts that insurance companies require in relation to you, your lifestyle.

Mountaineering insurance cover: critical illness cover and income protection

Critical Illness Cover:

With financial protection there are a number of options available, one of them being critical illness cover. This type of insurance is there to cover certain illnesses or medical conditions that could disrupt your life or your families relating to finances. If you are someone who has a high risk occupation or takes part in a hazardous hobby like mountaineering, cover will be assessed differently. 

In many cases, it is possible to get critical illness cover for mountaineering at standard rates without any premium loadings or special terms imposed. Ultimately this does depend on the nature of your mountaineering activities. Fortunately, with the help of Sports Financial Services, we can talk you through the options available to you based on factors such as your job, lifestyle and of course your mountaineering activities. 

Income Protection:

As well as the option for critical illness cover, another important cover to consider is income protection. This is particularly important if you take part in hazardous sports like mountain climbing. Income protection provides you with financial protection if you are unable to work as a result of sickness or injury. If you have a mortgage, loan or regular bills you may want financial peace of mind knowing that you can still meet these payments if you are unable to work. 


Applications for income protection are dependent on many factors, for example, whether you have previously suffered any injuries as a result of mountaineering and whether they have caused you to have a significant amount of time off work. It is important to remember that with any extreme sport you can expect premium loadings or exclusions but your advisor will discuss this with you.


Different types of Mountaineering Activities 

Whatever type of mountaineering you pursue please call us to discuss your needs. Examples of different types of activities you may want to discuss with us are:

  • Alpine multi pitch rock climbing
  • Alpine mountaineering
  • High level hut-to -hut trekking
  • Rock climbing 
  • Ice climbing
  • Skiing 
  • Ski mountaineering
  • Ski touring
  • Snowshoeing

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive and we can offer cover for a wide range of other sports as well – please contact us to discuss your needs. Mountaineering can be a challenging sport and managing the risks (e.g. acclimatisation, operating at extreme heights, avalanche awareness, crossing crevasses, operating in remote locations, rockfalls and safely protecting yourself from the elements) can be a necessary part of the sport. If you have a question about insurance cover, whatever your level of mountaineering participation, don’t hesitate to give us a call.   

Why choose sports financial services for your mountaineering insurance cover?

With 20 years of insuring mountaineers, we know how important it is to find insurance for mountaineering at the right price. Even though you might have been declined mountaineering life insurance in the past, experienced problems or maybe you have an insurance policy in place, it may be worthwhile giving us a call. We can help by ensuring your existing policy is up to date or give advice if you have had issues obtaining mountaineering insurance cover in the past.


If your passion for outdoor sports extends beyond mountaineering, we also offer cover for a number of high-risk sports such as:

  • Hang gliding life insurance 
  • Kayaking life insurance
  • Cycling life insurance

And more! Speak to one of our mountaineering specialist advisors today to find out more.