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Due to motorcycling being a high-risk activity, that also demands a certain level of skill, you might want to consider some sort of protection. Finding the right life insurance policy for motorcycling is a lot easier than people think, some people may think that because there is the added risk of an accident and injury, it may mean it is more difficult to obtain life insurance for motorcyclists. Here at Sports FS, we have over 20 years of insuring people for hazardous sports and high-risk occupations. If you are looking for income protection, critical illness cover, or life insurance motorcycle accident cover then please get in touch with us today. 

Does life insurance pay-out for motorcycle accidents?

If you end up in a motorcycle accident, that then leads to death, then yes you will be covered. Your life insurance provider will still pay out a lump sum of money to your family, as life insurance is there to help protect your loved ones financially. Having a life insurance motorcycle accident cover policy will mean that your insurer will promise to pay a designated beneficiary sum of money. However, your policy may vary depending on the provider, as well as how much you participate in motorcycling. 

Critical illness cover for motorcyclists 

Critical illness cover is a type of policy used to cover specific medical conditions or illnesses that may disrupt your life, family and finances. This lump sum of money can provide that important financial support for your loved ones, if they may be struggling due to the loss of any earnings or if they are unable to meet any payments due. 

Critical illness cover can be offered at standard rates. However, if you participate in high-risk sports and activities such as motorcycling this can lead to premium loadings, special terms and restrictions on your policy. 

Does critical illness cover pay-out for motorcycle accidents?

Critical illness cover will pay-out if you are seriously injured from a motorbike accident, here are some of the main reasons why your critical illness policy might pay-out as a result of an accident: 

  • Injury to the brain 
  • Amputation 
  • Burns 
  • Loss of hearing (deafness)
  • Loss of limbs 
  • Permanent disability 

How to obtain life insurance motorcycle accident cover

Making sure that you are choosing the right insurance provider for a high-risk occupation such as motorcycling is important. Here at Sports FS, we have a team of experts, who will be able to help you obtain the right life insurance motorcycle accident cover for you. We have a wide range of knowledge and access to the whole market, meaning we can get you the best rates possible for your insurance policy.

Please feel free to get in touch with us today for a life insurance quote, or feel free to apply online on our website.