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Making sure you have insurance for life, mortgage protection, income protection and critical illness cover for a sport such as paddleboarding can be important. A sport such as paddleboarding can push you to your limits, and requires a lot of skill and stamina. Ensuring that you have the right cover for a hazardous sport like paddleboarding can be crucial. 


Sports Financial Services have years of experience, after being founded nearly 20 years ago. Over the years we have found that people tend to enjoy a mix of outdoor activities, which resulted in us developing our expertise in a number of outdoor sports which people were seeking cover for. Sports Financial services can offer you life insurance for paddleboarding, this is a sport that can often require a more specialist type of cover. If you would like to discuss cover for paddleboarding speak to a member of our team today. 


What is Paddleboarding insurance 

Receiving specialist advice for paddleboarding insurance is key to obtaining the right cover for you, there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Income protection and critical illness cover can vary on your level of participation, along with the type of insurance provider. 


There are many things that will need to be discussed when speaking to one of our advisors, however, we have a great deal of experience to be able to assist you with this. When discussing specialist insurance for extreme sports like paddleboarding there may well be additional requirements. This means that it is imperative to share all the details about your sporting activities so that your advisor is able to fully understand these requirements and the cover you need. However these additional requirements and the type of protection needed may lead to increased costs.


There are some areas that insurers might need to consider when assessing your enquiry for life insurance for paddleboarding:


  • How is your health and lifestyle? (e.g., alcohol consumption, exercise and smoking)
  • What is your current employment and does it take you on international travel? (e.g., UK, Europe and/or worldwide)
  • What type of paddleboarding activities do you participate in?
  • Do you participate in paddleboarding as a hobby or as part of your occupation?
  • Do you undertake any professional or instructional paddleboarding work?
  • Are you a member of a Sport’s Governing Body? 


Paddleboarding critical illness cover 


If you suffer from any specific illnesses or medical conditions that might disrupt your life at any time, then this is the right type of cover for you. All enquiries for critical illness cover for paddleboarding will be assessed, cover for different types of sports will be assessed differently. 


Sports Financial Services will be able to talk you through your options, some sports can be offered at standard rates, however some may have restrictions and special terms. This will be based on a number of factors such as your paddleboarding activities, occupation and lifestyle.


Paddleboarding income protection


Income protection is the best way to give you peace of mind if you are someone that participates in a hazardous sport such as paddleboarding. This type of protection is crucial if you become unable to work due to injury or sickness. As a result, without cover you may be unable to meet payments such as a loan, mortgage, credit cards and regular bills.


There are many factors taken into consideration when applying for income protection. Two things that are taken into account are if you have had previous injuries, along with whether they caused you to have a long period of time off work. This kind of cover can also vary in cost depending on different factors. 


Why choose Sports Financial Services for life insurance for paddleboarding? 


Here at Sports Financial services we have a team of specialist advisors, who have years of experience with those who pursue hazardous sports and occupations. We know how important it is to have the right life insurance for paddleboarding and at the right price. 


Sports Financial Services are able to discuss your needs, the main types of protection that you may want to discuss with us include:


  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection


Even if you have been declined life insurance for paddleboarding in the past, already have a policy in place or have had problems obtaining life insurance our experts are still able to help. We also cover a large number of high-risk sports, therefore if you have passion for other sports we are able to offer you cover. 

If you would like to discuss your options for life insurance for paddleboarding then get in touch with us today to speak to one of your sports specialist advisors.