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The term motor sports encompasses a number of sports that involve the racing or competitive driving of motor vehicles. Sports Financial Services understand this, which is what makes us specialists in life insurance for motor sports. When it comes to any high risk sport, having financial protection is important for peace of mind. 

We provide specialist life insurance, income protection, mortgage protection and critical illness cover for individuals who participate in hazardous hobbies and high risk occupations. Sports Financial Services was first established over 20 years ago to provide cover for mountaineers. As we built up our client base, more and more climbers returned to us enquiring about cover for other outdoor activities, including motor sports. From here Sports Financial Services was born to meet the wide variety of needs of active outdoor sports enthusiasts.

What is Life Insurance for Motorsports?

The underwriting of life insurance for motor sports, or any extreme sports can vary. Underwriting is dependent on your insurance provider, your lifestyle and how often you participate in your chosen sport. It’s important to consider that some activities can cost more due to additional requirements, especially if you participate in said sport competitively. 

Here are some areas that insurers might consider when assessing your enquiry for motorsports cover:

  • How is your health and lifestyle? (e.g., alcohol consumption, exercise and smoking)
  • What is your current employment and does it take you on international travel? (e.g., UK, Europe and/or Worldwide)
  • What type of motorsport activities do you pursue?
  • What is your level of participation in motorsports (e.g., club, amateur, semi-professional or professional)?
  • Where do you race and how frequently? (e.g., road, track, cross country, beach, grass, circuit)
  • What type of motorsports do you participate in?
  • Do you have a motorsport racing licence?
  • What types of motorsport events/races do you participate in?
  • Are you a member of the Sport’s Governing Body? 
  • What geographic locations do you travel to participate in motorsports (e.g., UK, Europe or Worldwide)?

We like to ask these questions straight away to help us find the facts that insurance companies require in relation to you, your sport and your lifestyle. This means we can give the most accurate quote, and is one of the reasons we are trusted specialists in the industry.

Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection

Critical Illness Cover:

As well as life insurance for motorsports, we also specialise in other forms of financial protection, one of which is critical illness cover. This is a way to cover specific illnesses or medical conditions that could disrupt your life, family or finances. Cover for different types of motorsports activity will be assessed differently based on the particular activities that you pursue. 

It’s best to give us a call so that we can assess your situation specifically. Cover for some sports can be offered at standard rates with no special terms imposed, in other cases there could be premium loadings, special terms, restrictions or exclusions. We will ask you a number of questions on your occupation. lifestyle and sport to talk you through the options available to you. 

Income Protection:

Another type of financial protection you may want to consider is income protection. This is definitely a type of cover you want to think about if you participate in high risk sports life motorsports. If you have a mortgage, loan, credit card or any other financial commitments, income protection can provide you with peace of mind if you are unable to work due to injury or sickness. 

The factors of an income protection application are dependent on a number of elements. A main one being if you have previously suffered any injuries as a result of your motorsports activity that has caused you to have a significant amount of time off work. Also, participation in your sport can lead to premium loadings, restrictions and even exclusions. Call us today to discuss your needs and the options available to you. 

Different types of Motorsports 

Whatever type of motorsport activities you pursue please contact Sports Financial Services to discuss your needs. We understand that there are many types of motorsport activities, in competitive and non-competitive environments, that you may want to discuss with us, such as

  • Circuit Racing
  • Cross Country Racing
  • Formula
  • Hill Climb
  • Karting
  • Rallying
  • Time Trials

However, don’t worry if you don’t see your activity above. Because we specialise you can speak to us about cover for different motorsports, sports and occupational activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people get life insurance in the UK?

People in the UK get life insurance to provide financial security to their loved ones in the event of their death. It offers peace of mind by ensuring beneficiaries receive a lump sum payout, helping cover expenses like mortgages, debts, and living costs.

What is extreme sports life insurance?

Extreme sports life insurance is a specialised policy designed for individuals engaged in high-risk activities like skydiving, rock climbing, or extreme racing, providing coverage tailored to the unique risks associated with these adventurous pursuits.


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