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Sports Financial specialises in offering advice to people who take part in extreme or dangerous sports who need cover to protect their families which includes Life insurance for free runners. There are a number of sports which will be classed as extreme for someone applying for life insurance which will be based on the number of incidents that occur for people taking part in the sport as well as the type of activity. Life insurance for free runners is often going to be available at the same rates as what someone with no health, occupation or sports risks to take into consideration which is called standard rates. Therefore if there are no other factors to consider then you should pay no more for your Life insurance for free runners to protect your family or home.

You should also be aware that there may be other areas to consider when looking to buy Life insurance for free runners which will have an impact on your premiums. In this section of our website we consider those potential issues so that you can better understand how your premiums for cover will be priced and which options you have when looking to purchase the various types of Life insurance for free runners.

Some of the potential risks for underwriters assessing Life insurance for free runners:

  • Heights
  • Whether you take part in competition
  • Increasing levels of risks as sports progress
  • Dangers of accident at high levels

There should be some considerations for underwriters when they are reviewing your application for Life insurance for free runners but only if there are questions based around your activity. If you are not required to declare any information about the activity that you do based on the questions that you are asked then there should be no other underwriting requirements.

Some of the usual factors which will determine your premiums for Life insurance for free runners will include:

  • How much cover you are looking for and for what reason
  • Over what term are you looking to take the cover out for
  • Which type of policy are you applying for

In most cases these standard factors and variables will result in the same cost for a Life insurance for free runners policy based on how your circumstances should be assessed. You may want to consider other types of cover based on whether you are at risk of injury which may include income protection for example or personal accident cover.

There are a number of other possible lifestyle factors which will be taken into consideration on a Life insurance for free runners which will be based on the same criteria as all other applications for cover, this will include:

  • What is your height and weight currently (body mass index)
  • Do you smoke or have you smoked in the past 12 months
  • Have you been diagnosed with a pre-existing medical condition
  • Do you have a high risk occupation
  • How much alcohol do you consume in a week on average

Your cover should be costed based on the same levels of risk as most other people in similar circumstances which will be fair based on your own levels of risk. You should be aware that the price of Life insurance for free runners can vary from one insurance provider to another so it is better to speak to an expert like us to get the best price.

If you need help to get the right Life insurance for free runners cover at the right price then contact one of our team of experts on 0345 565 0935 today to see how we can help protect your loved ones.