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If you’re passionate about the excitement of circuit car racing, the high-speed intensity of formula racing, or the determination required for GT, reach out to us to discuss securing your financial protection.

For enthusiasts of circuit racing, Sports Financial Services offers tailored options for Life Insurance, Income Protection, and Critical Illness Cover.

Whether you’re a weekend hobbyist at a local UK circuit or a professional on the international circuit, feel free to contact us via phone or the link above for inquiries.

In summary, if you seek a lump sum pay-out following an accident or natural death during circuit racing, consider discussing Circuit Racing Life Insurance with us. Alternatively, if you’re concerned about sustaining an injury affecting your ability to work, Income Protection might be a suitable option. Additionally, explore Critical Illness Cover, which offers financial support upon diagnosis of specific medical conditions.

Our Circuit Racing Life Insurance:

For those worried about financial security in case of accidents or injuries during circuit racing, get in touch with us today.

We cover various forms of circuit racing, including Formula car racing (e.g., Formula 1 / Formula 2 / Formula 3 / Formula E), Sports car racing (e.g., World Endurance Championships / GT), and Touring car racing (e.g., World Touring Car Championships / British Touring Car Championships).

Even if your specific type of car racing isn’t listed, contact us to explore coverage options tailored to your racing style, whether it’s hatchback, saloon, sportscar, GT, or single-seat purpose-built vehicles.

Life Insurance for Circuit Racing:

Various financial protection options are available for circuit racing enthusiasts aiming to provide for loved ones or cover expenses in case of accidents while pursuing their sport.

Each inquiry is handled by a specialist adviser at Sports Financial Services, ensuring personalized discussions about your cover options in relation to your lifestyle and racing activities.

Life Insurance tailored for Circuit Racing:

Consult Sports Financial Services for a range of financial protection options, including Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Critical Illness Cover, and Income Protection related to circuit racing.

Moreover, for those leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining regular fitness routines, explore policies that monitor fitness levels and offer rewards for staying fit.

Circuit racing Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst we can’t help with carburettor, camber or chassis set-up we can help with personal financial protection cover for circuit racing.

If you have any specific questions about cover for motor racing then please call our number below to discover the best deal we can offer you for your circuit racing activities.

We are happy to discuss a range of questions, such as:

  • Are there any premium loadings for my specific circuit racing activities?
  • Can I obtain Life Insurance for my circuit racing activities?
  • Is Critical Illness Cover available my circuit racing activities?
  • Can I obtain Income Protection for my circuit racing?
  • Can I get Health Insurance or Private Medical Insurance?

How do I enquire about motor circuit racing Life Insurance, Income Protection or Critical Illness cover?

If you enquire about motor circuit racing cover with Sports Financial Services, we will take into consideration a number of factors in relation to you and your circuit racing activities.

As with any application for financial protection it is important that you declare your work, lifestyle, medical, motor racing and any other questions completely.

Typical life, lifestyle and motor sport questions, that relate to your enquiry for cover, may include:

  • Your personal health & lifestyle (e.g. any smoking or your alcohol consumption)
  • Your height ( ft/cm )
  • Your weight ( lb/kg )
  • Your age
  • Any current or pre-existing health conditions

Detailed life and sport related questions will vary depending on your particular motor circuit racing participation but could include (where relevant) your:

  • Current occupation
  • Type of circuit racing / motor car racing / motorsport
  • Type of vehicle driven
  • Size of vehicle engine – CC / BHP
  • Where you participate in circuit racing
  • Geographic location of your work and circuit racing (e.g. UK, Europe and/or worldwide)
  • Number of race days per year (e.g. frequency / how often you race)
  • Level of participation (e.g. recreational, amateur, semi-professional or professional)
  • Governing Body membership
  • Race Licence
  • Current income (for an enquiry for Income Protection)

As part of your enquiry for cover for circuit racing protection, we will also discuss the amount of cover you require and the duration of the cover you would like, including:

  • The amount of financial protection you require (£ GBP)
  • The duration of the policy you require (number of years)
  • The type of policy you require (e.g. decreasing or level term)

Your health, lifestyle, motor racing and occupational information, such as that detailed above, will help determine the premium you have to pay for your cover.

Life Insurance, Income Protection and Critical Insurance cost – specialist insurance information for motor circuit racing

Even if you have a policy in place elsewhere for your circuit racing, we will still be happy to hear from you, even if only to provide you with peace of mind that cover and premiums are comparable with current market products.

Business protection for those who engage in motor car racing

For those who operate a Limited Company or operate at Director level then you may want to consider speaking to Sports Financial Services about cover options, such as Key Person Insurance, Relevant Life Insurance or Shareholder Protection for those who enjoy motor circuit racing.

How to make an enquiry for cover for motor car racing

At Sports Financial Services we pride ourselves on providing those who enjoy extreme and hazardous sports with:

  • Personal and confidential advice
  • Experienced advisers in hazardous sports, extreme sports, adventure sports and hazardous occupations
  • Personal service and a quick response to your motor sports questions
  • A Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised company
  • Easy application process conducted around you and your lifestyle

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of cover for circuit racing or a whole range of other hazardous sports please call and speak to an experienced sports adviser at Sports Financial Services today on 0345 565 0935.

Or, to enquire online about cover, please click the link above.

As a hazardous sport, extreme sport and adventure sport specialists we exist to help those who enjoy circuit racing to find cover that is suitable for their needs.