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What is life insurance cover for motorcycle accidents?

Life insurance is there to help protect your loved ones in case of death that may be caused by a motorcycle accident. The purpose of life insurance cover is to make sure that a lump sum is paid out to your family. How your life insurance cover for motorcycle accidents is underwritten varies depending on your insurance provider, as well as your level of participation. Therefore when you are inquiring about life insurance for motorcycling, it can be beneficial to seek specialist advice.

What questions might I be asked when enquiring about life insurance cover for motorcycling?

When inquiring about life insurance cover motorcycle accidents your insurance provider will want to discuss several things with you. They may ask how many times a year you participate in motorcycling, as well as about your level of participation. Here are some other areas and questions your insurer might want to discuss when to cover when inquiring about life insurance cover: 

  • How is your health and lifestyle? (e.g., alcohol consumption, exercise and smoking)
  • What is your current employment and does it take you on international travel? (e.g., UK, Europe and/or worldwide)
  • What type of motorcycling activities do you participate in?
  • Do you participate in motorcycling recreationally or occupationally?
  • Do you undertake motorcycling as part of your occupation?

How does critical illness work for life insurance to cover motorcycle accidents?

Critical illness cover would be the perfect way to cover any specific illnesses or medical conditions when looking for life insurance to cover motorcycle accidents. You will have your activity and lifestyle assessed when enquiring about critical illness cover for a pursuit such as motorcycling. Some cover can be offered at a standard rate with no special terms. However, for some certain sports and activities, it may result in premium loadings and special terms.

What is income protection for life insurance cover motorcycle accidents?

Income protection is another important cover to consider, especially when taking part in hazardous activities such as motorcycling. Income protection is all about providing you with peace of mind if you become unable to work due to injury or sickness, due to motorcycling-related activities. Income protection will provide that financial stability if you have loans, mortgages, credit cards and regular bills to pay. Applications for income protection are based on many different factors, for example, whether you have previously suffered any injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident before. 

Why should I choose Sports Financial Services for life insurance cover?

Sports financial services have over 20 years of experience in providing people with cover for hazardous and outdoor activities. Here at sports financial services, we can now meet the needs of the wider hazardous sports marketing, including motorsports and motorcycle racing. Due to motorcycling demanding a certain amount of skill and can be taken part in under challenging environments, it can sometimes result in a specialist type of cover. Chat with us today about life insurance cover motorcycle accidents cover, we aim to provide our expert advice and to find you the best prices. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today, one of our specialist advisors would be happy to answer any questions you may have.