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Piloting a helicopter is demanding and requires technical skill and the ability to operate in challenging environments. Because of this, and other factors, helicopter pilot life insurance can often require more specialist types of cover.

Here at Sports Financial Services, we are happy to discuss a range of financial protection options such as life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection and mortgage protection.

Critical illness cover is a type of financial protection that covers specific illnesses or medical conditions that might disrupt your life, family and finances. Your adviser at Sports Financial Services will be able to discuss the range of medical conditions and the type of cover available to you.

Income protection is a type of cover that people may consider if they are concerned that an accident or illness may cause them to have to have time off work and face challenges meeting bills and other financial obligations.

Participation in some sports, hazardous pursuits and occupations may result in premium loadings, special terms, restrictions or exclusions. Your sports and occupations specialist at Sports Financial Services will talk you through the options available to you.

What happens when you enquire about helicopter pilot life insurance?

When looking for specialist insurance for extreme pursuits like helicopter pilot life insurance you may come across additional requirements in order for underwriters to fully understand your activities. Some financial protection may cost more (or be excluded) because of the nature of your activities.

Here are some areas that insurers might consider when assessing your enquiry for helicopter pilot life insurance:

● How is your health and lifestyle? (e.g., alcohol consumption, exercise and smoking)
● What is your current employment and does it take you on international travel? (e.g.,
UK, Europe and/or worldwide)
● What type of helicopter pilot activities do you participate in?
● Do you participate in hazardous sports and pastimes?

Helicopter pilot Life Insurance with Sports Financial Services

When contacting us about helicopter pilot life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection your personal adviser at Sports Financial Services will discuss the detail with you. They will also want to understand your particular circumstances so that cover is appropriate to your needs.

Our 20+ year history of helping people who engage with hazardous sports and occupations means that we understand the needs of those that operate at the extremes.

Because we have been working, for many years, with people who enjoy hazardous outdoor sports and hazardous occupations, we have a great deal of experience discussing cover for a many different hazardous pursuits.

Even if you have an insurance policy in place, have been declined helicopter pilot life insurance in the past or have previously experienced problems obtaining life insurance then you should speak to our extreme sport and occupation experts.

Speak to one of our specialist sport and occupation advisers today to find out more about helicopter pilot life insurance, or fill in our contact form today.