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Sports Financial is a top insurance expert for people who take part in extreme sports or who have dangerous jobs because of how they may be treated by insurance underwriters, which can include Downhill Mountain biking life insurance. For anyone looking for cover to protect their families or their homes, they will be taken through a standard application process to identify whether there is any other risk factors to be taken into consideration for them based on their circumstances. In the case of Downhill Mountain biking life insurance it is possible that there are certain other points which could cause issues due to the nature of this type of sport or simply that they may be required to disclose further information. You should generally find that when applying for Downhill Mountain biking life insurance that your application will be assessed by underwriters and cover should be offered at the same rate as someone who does not take part in extreme sports.

In this area of our Sports Financial website we look at how your application for Downhill Mountain biking life insurance will be considered by underwriters and what to expect throughout the process. If you need some form of cover to protect your family or your home then you should consider what level of Downhill Mountain biking life insurance you need as part of your enquiry.

Some of the main points that will be taken in to consideration by underwriters when they are reviewing an application for Downhill Mountain biking life insurance are:

  • How often or how frequently do you take part in this type of activity
  • Do you take part in competitive events or are you a professional
  • Which type of activities do you take part in

When underwriters are looking at an application for Downhill Mountain biking life insurance, they will be looking to see whether the person or people who are applying for cover are going to be a higher risk or not. It is also well worth noting that Downhill Mountain biking life insurance rates will vary dramatically from one insurance provider to another based on their attitude to risk. You also may already have a policy in place to cover your Downhill Mountain biking life insurance needs but that doesn’t always mean that your policy is the right one for you. Our team of life insurance for extreme sports experts will also review any current cover that you have for free to make sure that it is suitable for you.

In all cases when applying for life insurance, whether you have anything to declare or not, your premiums will always be based on a number of key factors. You will be taken through an initial fact find process which will determine which type of cover you need to protect your family and what your basic or standard premiums are, including:

  • How much cover do you need and what is your cover for
  • What length of time or period are you looking to take your policy for
  • Which type of Downhill Mountain biking life insurance cover do you need

These key points will provide you with your base level or standard premium which will then be used to give you the final premium that you will pay. This standard premium can increase in some cases where there is a high risk or hazardous disclosure such as with Downhill Mountain biking life insurance and other lifestyle based factors.

When applying for any Downhill Mountain biking life insurance or standard life insurance policy, you will be asked about your sport initially and then your lifestyle. These answers will be used by insurance provider systems and underwriters to determine whether you should be classed as higher risk.

Lifestyle questions include:

  • Are you classed as a smoker or have you smoked in the past 12 months
  • What is your height and weight
  • How often and how much alcohol do you drink on average
  • Have you been diagnosed with a pre-existing medical condition
  • Do you have a dangerous or hazardous occupation

Ultimately your premiums for Downhill Mountain biking life insurance will be based on everything that you disclose on your application form and which insurance provider you apply to. You may find that you are required to pay more for cover because of your circumstances or your cover options may be restricted.

For more information about Downhill Mountain biking life insurance or for a competitive quote to protect your family then you should contact one of our team of highly skilled experts on 0345 565 0935 today.