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Your job aboard a yacht comes with its share of risks. Whether you’re a deckhand, stewardess, engineer, or captain, the nature of your work involves inherent dangers. Speak to a hazardous sport and occupation specialist at Sports Financial Services today to discuss Yacht Crew Life Insurance.

About Sports Financial Services

At Sports Financial Services, we specialise in providing life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection cover for extreme sports enthusiasts and those engaged in hazardous occupations. Whatever your yachting occupation, having appropriate financial protection is important for ensuring peace of mind, and safeguarding yourself and your family.

Our team of specialists will be happy to talk to you about yacht crew life insurance. We were founded over 20 years ago and have built a great deal of expertise assisting those who enjoy hazardous sports and occupations – so you are in safe hands.

Yacht Crew Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection

Critical illness cover is a way to cover specific illnesses or medical conditions that might disrupt your life, family and finances. Anyone who takes part in hazardous activities and enquires about critical illness cover will have their enquiry assessed against the activities they pursue. Cover for different types of yachting and occupational activities will be assessed differently. 

Cover for some sports and occupations can be offered at standard rates with no special terms imposed whilst participation in other sports and occupations may result in premium loadings, special terms, restrictions or exclusions. Your sports and occupations specialist at Sports Financial Services will talk you through the options available to you. 

Another important cover to consider is income protection, particularly if you take part in hazardous activities like sailing. Income protection could provide you with some peace of mind if you are unable to work due to injury or sickness. 

If you have a loan, mortgage, credit cards, regular bills or family financial commitments then you may want to consider what would happen if you were unable to meet the payments because of a loss of income if you are unable to work.  

Enquiries about income protection are dependent on many factors, for example, whether you have previously suffered any injuries as a result of your activities and whether they have caused you to have a significant amount of time off work. 

Again, like critical illness cover, participation in some sports and occupational activities may result in premium loadings, restrictions or exclusions. When you make an enquiry for yachting life insurance, income protection or critical illness cover your adviser at Sports Financial Services will discuss your needs and the options available to you.

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If you would like to discuss cover for yacht crew insurance, please call 0345 565 0935 or complete the quick enquiry form on this page. Our specialist sport and occupation advisers will be happy to discuss your yacht crew life insurance needs. Even if you currently have a policy for yacht crew life insurance in place our advisers will still be happy to speak to you so that you can compare your cover with what is currently available in the market.