Thomas Phillips

The staff at Sports Financial really know their stuff. Definitely worth talking to the experts about something so important as life insurance

Sarah Bruce

Great service. Easy to deal with; customer focused and able to find solutions that other insurers can’t.

Andrew Vick

Top notch service for people who have outdoor pursuits from people who understand outdoor pursuits. I would highly recommend the services of Sports Financial Services to any caver or anyone who does out of the ordinary pursuits.

George Copeman

Simon couldn’t have been more helpful in arranging life cover for me. I’d guess I’m one of the more complicated cases with a taste for adrenaline sports and an interesting medical history! Simon put me completely at ease working through a lot of personal information and persevered until he managed to secure amazing cover for me. Well worth getting in contact.

Andrew Collier

James worked really hard to get me the right policy at a good premium.

Troy Wade

Before contacting Sports Financial Services, I had already attempted to find life insurance that would include cover for scuba diving. However, it became clear that the underwriters I was dealing with were clueless about the sport – vastly over-exaggerating the risks and, therefore, overcharging on premiums.

Then I contacted James Phee. Having an adviser who properly understood my sport made all the difference, as he knew exactly where to go to find what I needed, as well as how to properly represent me, as a diver, to the the underwriters.

Besides these more obvious benefits, James also showed amazing attention to detail and persistence in finding me exactly the cover I needed – and for 33% of the cost!

Jason Jackson

Sports FS was a breath of fresh air. My policy has lower premiums. I highly recommend Summit FS to find policies for everyone