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If you are a commercial diver looking for life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover then contact the team at Sports Financial Services today.

We have a long history of providing cover for hazardous pursuits and hazardous occupations such as commercial diving. In addition, we have a close association with the British Sub Aqua Cluba (BSAC) having developed Scuba Financial Services exclusively for their members. Whilst providing cover for extreme sports people, like scuba divers, we found that some divers carry their recreational diving pursuits into hazardous occupations such as offshore commercial diving, inshore commercial diving, hazardous materials diving, scientific diving and media diving (photography / filming).

Commercial diver life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover

Sports Financial Services work hard to ensure that those who dive commercially can access life insurance, mortgage protection and critical illness cover relevant to their lifestyle and diving needs.

You can speak to us today, to find out about the options available to you, in relation to a range of commercial diving jobs and specialised diving activities, such as:

  • Inshore / inland commercial diving
  • Offshore diving / commercial deep-sea diving
  • Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) diving
  • Search, rescue and military diving
  • Scientific research diving
  • Media, film and photography diving

We will be interested in the type of diving that you do and the industries in which you operate, such as:

  • Oil & gas diving
  • Construction / civil engineering diving
  • Military / search / rescue diving
  • Police diving

Accident and sickness insurance for commercial divers

If you are worried about protecting your income then speak to us about Income Protection for commercial divers.

From an underwriting perspective commercial diving is often associated with additional risks. However, we have obtained cover for commercial divers in the past and will be happy to discuss your particular Income Protection needs. An assessment of the premium to be paid for commercial diver Income Protection will often be based on the level of risk involved and your personal adviser at Sports Financial Services will discuss this with you.

Common types of risks for commercial divers

The work of a commercial diver can be wide and diverse and different aspect of the job are associated with different levels of risk.

Hazardous pursuits and occupations, such as commercial diving, usually face a number of risks, such as:

  • Working at depth
  • Tides and currents
  • Use of tools, machinery and equipment (e.g. welding and cutting equipment)
  • Manual handling and lifting
  • Decompression

At Sports Financial Services we understand that your insurance risk can vary dramatically depending on the type of work that you undertake and we will discuss your specific diving needs with you.

Commercial diving safety and good practice

There are many actions that can be taken by commercial divers to enhance safety, these could include:

  • Undertaking appropriate commercial diving training and qualifications
  • Wearing suitable personal protective equipment
  • Developing rescue skills
  • Learning emergency first aid skills

Insurance for employed and self-employed commercial divers

Whether you are employed or self-employed you can speak to Sports Financial Services about:

  • Commercial diving Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Protection for commercial divers
  • Critical Illness Cover for commercial divers
  • Income Protection for commercial divers

Your diving activities

We are happy to discuss a range of range of diving activities, such as, scuba diving, technical mixed gas diving, helmet supplied air diving, bell diving and rebreather diving.

Your occupational and recreational activities

If, in addition to engaging in a hazardous occupation, you enjoy extreme sporting activities then Sports Financial Services can also provide protection for a wide range of hazardous sports such as rock climbing, mountaineering, skydiving, scuba diving and many more sport.

Life Insurance, Income Protection and Critical Illness diving cover FAQs

If you have any questions about commercial diving cover please call our number below.

We are happy to discuss a range of questions, such as:

  • Are there any premium loadings for working at depth?
  • Can I get Life Insurance if I work as a commercial deep-sea diver?
  • Is Critical Illness cover available for commercial divers?
  • Can I get Private Medical Insurance as a commercial diver?

What will we discuss when you apply for commercial diving cover?

When you apply for cover with us, we will take into consideration a number of factors relating to your diving and lifestyle. A personal adviser will be allocated to your individual enquiry and will discuss your specific diving and lifestyle.

Typical life and lifestyle questions, that relate to your enquiry for commercial diving cover, may include your:

  • Personal lifestyle and health (e.g. exercise, smoking and drinking)
  • Height
  • Weight (or BMI)
  • Age
  • Medical history

Occupational and recreational questions may include your:

  • Diving work and industry
  • Type of diving and equipment used
  • Working depths
  • Training and qualifications
  • Lifestyle and sporting hobbies or activities
  • Any diving work overseas
  • Income (for Income Protection)

Finally, questions relating to the amount of cover you require and the duration of cover will be sought, for example:

  • The amount of diving Income Protection cover you require (£)
  • The term of the diving policy you require (number of years)
  • The type of diving policy required and any additional options (e.g. cover for broken bones)

Information, such as that detailed above, will help determine the premium you have to pay for your cover.

Insurance cover for your work as a commercial diver

Even if you have an existing Life, Critical Illness or Income Protection policy in place elsewhere, Sports Financial Services will be happy to hear from you, even if only to provide you with peace of mind that your cover and premiums are comparable with current market products for commercial divers.

At Sports Financial Services we pride ourselves on providing commercial divers with:

  • A personal service and a quick response
  • Peace of mind from professionals who are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised
  • Easy application
  • Friendly and experienced advisers

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of cover for commercial divers then contact Sports Financial Services today on 0345 565 0935.