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Sports Financial is a specialist in providing competitive High risk life insurance quotes for people who take part in dangerous sports or who have hazardous occupations. Most insurance companies will struggle when it comes to dealing with people who are classified as non-standard or adverse risk and you may end up paying more for cover purely by getting your High risk life insurance quotes from the wrong company. If you are applying for cover via a price comparison website for example, often you will find that your initial quote or premiums that you are offered will be lower than what you will end up paying for cover.

It is also possible that when looking for High risk life insurance quotes that you may have already been declined cover elsewhere which is when our specialist advisers provide invaluable support. Your individual circumstances may not suit certain insurance providers criteria however that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are uninsurable.

If you need a High risk life insurance quotes to protect your family then speaking to one of our team of sports and occupations could help you to get the cover you need and to save money on your premiums.

What is a High risk life insurance quote?

There are a number of key factors which would be considered to be potentially key for High risk life insurance quotes which are:

  • Extreme sports or hazardous hobbies
  • Dangerous occupations
  • Health and lifestyle

Anyone who discloses information on their application for life insurance with details that may be classed as non-standard should find that their premiums will depend on:

  • Insurance provider
  • Underwriting criteria
  • Information required

When applying for a High risk life insurance quote to protect your family you should ensure that you always disclose information requested by answering all questions accurately and honestly. If you fail to disclose all facts as required by your insurance adviser then you may find that there are issues at the point of claim potentially.

Why are High risk life insurance quotes different to normal premiums?

The main reason that High risk life insurance quotes can be higher than standard life insurance quotes is to reflect the potential for any increase in risk of claim which is how cover is priced. Insurance companies will regularly review their pricing structure for all types of circumstances which will include sports, occupations and medical conditions.

The more complicated your circumstances then the more potentially time consuming it can be to get cover and where your High risk life insurance quotes can take longer to obtain.

Your premiums for High risk life insurance can vary depending on which insurer you are applying to and your own circumstances, including:

  • What type of sport or occupation
  • Level of sporting activity (e.g. amateur, semi-professional or professional)
  • Type of equipment used
  • Locations
  • Previous experience or qualifications

If you need more help or advice to get a free competitive High risk life insurance quote then you can contact one of our team of experts on 0345 565 0935 today.