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Sports Financial is one of the UK’s top insurance experts for people who take part in dangerous hobbies or extreme sports which includes Rock Climbing insurance cover. Our team of specialist advisers works with people like you who need cover to protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of injury, illness or potentially worse which can happen to any of us, especially those who are potentially at greater risk. If you take part in a dangerous activity then you may find that you need to consider personal protection more seriously such as Life insurance for Rock Climbers. There are a number of possible issues when applying for Life insurance for Rock Climbers which we consider in this section of our website.

If you have children or a mortgage and take part in this type of activity then you should strongly consider taking a Life insurance for Rock Climbers to ensure that you are financially protected if anything should happen. As a person who could be classed as non-standard because of their sport or hobby there are possible extra factors to consider when applying for cover as well as the fact that you may be required to disclose additional information about your circumstances.

Risks of Rock Climbing:

  • Equipment malfunction
  • Adverse weather
  • Hazardous locations
  • Competition
  • Heights

Depending on which level or type of rock climbing you do will determine how much your cover or your premiums will be impacted as well as a number of other critical factors. Underwriting when it comes to Life insurance for Rock Climbers will also vary from one insurance provider to another which can also have a dramatic impact on your premiums. We are experts in dealing with people like yourself and we aim to get you the right cover to protect your family at the right price.

Underwriting Life insurance for Rock Climbers:

  • Number of climbs (annually)
  • Level/severity
  • Locations (UK or overseas)
  • Qualifications or experience

If you need help or advice around Life insurance for Rock Climbers or a competitive quote then you should speak to one of our team our advisers today for more information.

Life insurance for Rock Climbers

It is possible to get Life insurance for Rock Climbers in most cases which should be a strong consideration considering the additional risks that you may be exposed to while taking part in your sport. In some cases we find that there may be additional requirements if you take part in more severe rock climbing however in a lot of cases for more recreational individuals there will be no added cost for Life insurance for Rock Climbers. Your cover will depend on which type a number of different elements which can usually be identified during or before obtaining a quote for cover.

The main areas for consideration on Life insurance for Rock Climbers is:

  • How many times you climb each your
  • What level or severity of climbs do you do
  • Do you have any professional qualifications or are you a member of any clubs
  • Are you professional, amateur or recreational
  • What heights do you climb to

Apart from the points above there are a number of other standard factors that will determine how much you pay for Life insurance for Rock Climbers which include:

  • Amount of cover (£’s)
  • Term (years)
  • Type of cover

Also there are a number of lifestyle related issues which will have an impact on your premiums for Life insurance for Rock Climbers which include whether you smoke, your general health and any pre-existing medical conditions.

Critical illness cover and income protection for Rock Climbers

More often than not you should also be able to get quotes for Critical illness cover and income protection for Rock Climbers with no major issues or problems. Your application will be assessed in a very similar way to life insurance for Rock Climbers so you should find that there are similar questions to answer. The main difference with these types of cover is the fact that the risk of claim will be far greater and so underwriting will be more strict so you may find that there are additional restrictions to consider.

It is important to consider income protection especially if you are a rock climber which provides you with a monthly income if you are unable to work due to accident or sickness. You should be aware that there may be restrictions or exclusions applied to you Critical illness cover and income protection for Rock Climbers policies.

Feel free to contact one of our team of life insurance for rock climbers experts to get a competitive quote for cover and for free advice to see what we can do to help to protect your family.

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