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White water kayaking is an extreme form of kayaking, taking you along the powerful white water rapids. This kind of extreme sport demands a lot of skill, and the ability to respond quickly in challenging environments. Therefore, white water kayaking has a higher risk of injury and even death associated with it, making it important that you have the right white water kayaking insurance cover in place. 


When taking part in any high risk sport like white water kayaking, you need to consider what might happen to your family, assets and finances if something were to go wrong. 


Due to white water kayaking demanding a certain level of skill, white water kayaking insurance can often require a more specialist type of cover. You will be required to disclose information about your participation, so that your underwriter can fully understand our activities. 


Life insurance for white water kayaking 

Life insurance for white water kayaking will give you coverage for your family and dependants, in the case that anything should happen to you during your participation. In the case of your death then your insurance underwriter will pay out a lump sum to your beneficiary. 


Critical illness cover for white water kayaking 

If you are covered by critical illness cover and are not able to work due to a medical condition or illness, then you will receive a lump sum payout. When creating a critical illness cover policy, it is important to clarify the specific medical conditions that need to be covered before starting your policy. If your policy does not include certain conditions, you may not be able to receive your payout.


Income protection for white water kayaking 

If you have any kind of financial commitments then you may want to consider income protection. Income protection will cover you if you are unable to work due to injury or sickness, caused by your participation in white water kayaking. This cover will pay you a regular income until you are able to work again.


When applying for white water kayaking insurance, there will be some areas that your insurer will need to consider. This will be to help assess your enquiry accurately:


  • How is your health and lifestyle? (e.g., alcohol consumption, exercise and smoking)
  • What is your current employment and does it take you on international travel? (e.g., UK, Europe and/or worldwide)
  • What type of white water kayaking activities do you participate in?
  • Do you participate in white water kayaking recreationally or occupationally?
  • Do you undertake any professional or instructional white water kayaking work?
  • Are you a member of a Sport’s Governing Body? (e.g., British Canoe Union / British Canoeing)


Choosing Sports Financial Services for your white water kayaking insurance 


Here at Sports Financial Services we have developed an expertise in a wide number of outdoor activities for which people were seeking cover. We specialise in offering financial protection to people who take part in hazardous sports such as white water kayaking. Whatever type of white water kayaking you pursue please contact Sports Financial Services to discuss your needs.