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If you have a passion for motorcycle racing and are searching for life insurance, income protection or critical illness cover, speak to a sports specialist at Sports Financial Services today.

Life Insurance for Motorcycle Racers with Sports Financial Services

At Sports Financial Services we are sports specialists that guarantee the best value protection for extreme and hazardous sports such as motorcycle racing.

We are happy to discuss all types of motorcycle racing so contact us today to explore the various options available for different forms of motorcycle racing, such as:

  • Motorcycle circuit racing
  • Motorcycle track racing
  • Motorcycle road racing
  • Motorcycle enduro racing

It’s worth noting that motorcycle racing often comes with added risks from an underwriting perspective. We have successfully secured cover for various motorcycle racers in the past. We will be delighted to discuss the financial protection options available to you in relation to your motorcycling racing activities. 

Determining the premiums and terms available for motorcycle racing participants depends on a number of factors such as health, lifestyle and the type of motorcycle racing pursued. Your personal specialist sports adviser will discuss your needs and explain the financial protection options available to you.  

Common Risk Factors for Motorcycle Racing Enthusiasts

The type of financial protection that is available to motorcycle racers can vary depending on a number of factors related to your motorcycle racing participation such as the type of bike, type of racing, frequency of participation, and whether you are an amateur or professional racer. As hazardous sports specialists, we are happy to discuss your needs and the availability of financial protection based on a number of factors such as your sports participation, work and lifestyle. 

Life Insurance for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Our sports specialists will be happy to discuss the availability of cover in relation to a wide range of sports.

Contact our sports specialists today to discuss the type of cover that is currently available for various types of motorcycle racing, such as: 

  • Adventure Motorcycling
  • Beach Racing
  • Cross Country
  • Enduro / Endurance Racing
  • Grasstrack
  • Hillclimbs
  • MotoCross
  • Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP)
  • Road Racing (Isle of Man TT race)
  • Scrambles
  • Speedway
  • Supercross
  • SuperBike racing
  • Supermoto
  • Time trials
  • Trackdays
  • Trials Racing

Life insurance for Motorcycle Racers and Other Hazardous Pursuits

When enquiring about life insurance for motorcycle racers, we will discuss several factors related to your racing and lifestyle. A dedicated sports specialist will be assigned to you in order to discuss your motorcycle racing, health and lifestyle.

Typical questions may include:

  • Personal lifestyle and health (e.g., exercise, smoking, and drinking habits)
  • Height
  • Weight (or BMI)
  • Age
  • Medical history

More specific motorcycling-related questions may include:

  • Type of motorcycle racing
  • Locations where you race (e.g., road, track, cross country, grass, circuit)
  • Type of motorcycle you race
  • Engine size/engine capacity (cc)
  • Frequency of racing
  • Level of participation (recreational, amateur, or professional)
  • Licensing or qualifications
  • International motorcycle racing involvement
  • Income (where relevant for Income Protection Cover)

In addition to hazardous sports, we can also assist with financial protection for a wide range of hazardous and dangerous occupations.

Cover for Motorcycle Racing

Even if you have life insurance for motorcycle racing, critical illness cover or income protection cover for motorcycle racing elsewhere the team at Sports Financial Services will still like to hear from you. We will be happy to provide you with the peace that you have compared your current cover with current market offerings. 

If you’re interested in learning more about financial protection for motorcycle racers, please contact a sports specialist at Sports Financial Services today at 0345 565 0935 or complete our online enquiry form.