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Sports Financial is a leading insurance expert for anyone who is classed as high risk because of the type of job that they do or because of the type of sport that they take part in which includes Abseiling life insurance. Any sport where there are potential risks can attract additional underwriting requirements when applying for cover to protect your family which can include possible exclusions to your policy or possible increases in premiums. If you are trying to find Abseiling life insurance to protect your loved ones then you might have either applied for cover in the past and experienced problems or you might have cover in place already that you want to improve or review. It is often the case that insurance terms for Abseiling life insurance will vary and potentially dramatically from one provider to another based on their individual underwriting criteria as well as whether they accept extreme sports risks.

Here we consider the impacts of abseiling on life insurance applications to explain how underwriting criteria works as well as what you can expect as part of your application process. The need for cover is the same as anyone else with children or a family that they want to protect financially in the event of anything happening to them so the difference will purely be the risk of claim to the insurer.

Some of the key areas that would be considered by underwriters for Abseiling life insurance:

  • How often or frequently do you abseil
  • What height do you abseil from
  • Do you take part in any competitions or do you abseil for a job
  • Have you got any qualifications

The risks for anyone taking part in abseiling and especially more regularly or for a job are considered to be relatively high because of the potential risks of injury due to heights and possible equipment failure. You should be aware that your cover and premiums can vary depending on your activities but also will depend on several normal factors.

Some of the usual factors that will determine your Abseiling life insurance premiums will include the following:

  • How much cover do you need and what is your cover for
  • Which term are you looking for to take your cover over
  • Which type of Abseiling life insurance policy do you need

The amount you will pay for your monthly premiums will be based on the standard factors above which will give you a basic premium and then the remaining elements will be based on underwriting. Your underwriting for Abseiling life insurance will include your sport as well as a number of lifestyle and health related criteria which will include a number of questions from your application:

  • Do you smoke or have you smoked tobacco in the past 12 months
  • What is your current height and weight (body mass index)
  • How much alcohol do you drink each week on average
  • Have you suffered from or do you have a medical issue
  • Does your job involve any non-standard risks

An application for Abseiling life insurance will also depend on the same criteria as any other application for life insurance so you will be required to disclose all information as part of your enquiry. Your adviser should be able to identify which insurance provider will be best for you based on all of the information that you have provided.

For more information or guidance to get the most competitive premiums for Abseiling life insurance you can contact one of our experts on 0345 565 0935 today to see what we can do to help protect your family.