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Why Canoeists Should Reconsider Life Insurance

As with any active sport, Canoeing has its risks. If you are an active Canoeist, thinking about your life cover is extremely important. You will want to be reassured that you and your family’s financial affairs are in order, if anything was to happen.

If you are interested in taking out a policy, we are here to help.

Alternatively, if you are going into the New Year wanting to review your insurance cover, you will want to make sure you have updated any life changes that have happened since taking out cover.

Here at Sports Financial Services, we are insurance specialists who also share a love of sport.
That is why we provide specialist, dedicated cover for canoeists across the UK.

At Sports Financial Services we pride ourselves on providing hazardous sports participants with financial peace of mind for themselves and their families.

Reasons to Review

Making a smart decision now could make a world of difference in the future. Reasons to review cover now, include:

1. Cost of living crisis:

Living costs are only going to increase and you may want to review any cover you already have for your family’s future.

2. Housing:

If you are taking on a mortgage, buying your first house, moving house or remortgaging, this can all put a strain on your finances. You will want to ensure your family are secure and mortgage protection is in place.

3. Relationship status:

Marriage, cohabiting, separation and divorce all bring requirements when assessing the insurance policies you hold.

4. Family life:

If you are starting a family, adopting, taking on dependents or supporting a grandchild, you will face financial commitments which could extend up to and beyond university age. This is something to consider when you are reviewing your policy.

5. Sports participation:

If you are taking part in hazardous sports more often, or less frequently, or started a new hazardous sport you may want to review the cover you have in place.

6. Employment:

Your employment status can also affect your need for cover. If you have a new job, promotion, work related benefits or take on hazardous duties, these may all be reasons you want to review cover.

7. New borrowing, big purchases & debts:

You may want to asses cover against the need to service debt payments over the duration of a loan.

8. Life experiences:

Any accidents, illness or a death in the family can all prompt a reconsideration of the level of cover you already hold.

9. Health improvements:

If you have recently stopped smoking, lost weight or reduced your alcohol consumption, these factors may cause you to re-asses the current types of cover available to you.

10. New benefits:

By committing to a healthy lifestyle, you may benefit from a policy that takes into account your fitness regime and calculates your premiums based on tracking your physical participation in sport.

11. New premiums:

There may be newer products on the market with better rates than when you first took out cover.

12. Beneficiaries:

Life and family circumstances may dictate that your beneficiaries may need to change or you may want to make provision for Inheritance Tax.

13. Benchmark:

Even if you are not looking to change cover but just want the peace of mind that your policy compares well with others on the market, we’ll be happy to help.

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Why should you choose Sports Financial Services for your Canoeist life insurance?

● We are experienced advisors with knowledge of financial protection for many hazardous sports.

● We have direct connections with specialist insurance underwriters.

● We work alongside various Sports Governing Bodies, who enable us to keep our knowledge of sport up to date and relevant to the needs of active sports people.

● We respect that, as an outdoor sports person, you want insurance for responsible reasons.

● Once we have received all of your information, you will be allocated a specialist sports adviser to discuss your individual needs.